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It has always been my goal to visit as many places in the world as I can in my lifetime. I love discovering new cities and seeing new things and travelling is probably one of my favourite things to do. There is no better felling waking up in a new city and having no worries of  your everyday life, all you got to think of is what you are going to do that day to keep yourself entertained, its pure bliss. So I have created a travel wishlist, hoping that I can tick a few places off my list before I reach 30 (incase your wondering that's 6 years away...scary as s**t) So without dwelling on how old I am becoming here is my list.
New York: I think everyone says New York, but I visited New York when I was 16 with my friend and I gotta tell you it was the most magical city ever. Everything is just so over the top and fast paced I loved it. I really want to go with my family this time and have a memorable holiday that we can all look back on and share stories. I am currently saving my arse off to get there in 2016 as I really want to get there sooner rather than later. On a side note can you imagine the shopping. When I went I was 16 I wasn't mad into makeup and I still spend a fortune in Sephora so I can only imagine the damage that would be done now. 

Tour Italy I love Italy and everything Italian, the food, the lifestyle and of course the scenery. I would to start in Rome, make my way up to Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Sicily, Tuscany, Lake Garda and then finish off in Florence. Now I have no idea if that order is doable but you get my drift haha. Just go around sampling all the regions different food and exploring all the sightseeing it sounds so perfect. 

Tour America In A Camper Van: I literally would die of happiness if I did this. Just driving all around the states would be the ultimate travel dream. Places I would like to visit would be Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, Kansas and Montana. On the road hitting route 66, again gaining all the different culture and meet loads of people. This would be my ultimate holiday ever!

South Africa: Ok ever since I was little I have dreamed of going on a holiday where I could go on a safari and wear one of those safari hats and get up close and personal with the animals and I still have that dream. I know this one is probably unlikely, as I don't think I would get anyone to go with me, unless I meet someone between now and the time I turn 30 that shares the same dream..haha. However I am adding this one as I think its good to dream big. 

So there are my places that I would love to visit in the next 6 years. What places are your dream holiday destinations? Have you been to any of the places I mentioned?

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