Kylie Jenner Lips On A Budget With NYX Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner Lips On A Budget With NYX Cosmetics
Everyone and their cats are on about Kylie Jenner's lips, personally I feel she has defiantly had some work done on those lips, I mean how did they get so big, either way I have gathered some products from NYX* to show you how to achieve these lips on a budget.
Kylie Jenner Lips On A Budget With NYX Cosmetics

Before I started I exfoliated my lips to give them a smooth base. I mainly did this as my lips were very dry and I knew I was using a neutral matte lipstick. 

First up grab a lip liner, I am using NYX lip liner in Natural this is the perfect nude and it blends out so well without being over drying even with my chapped lips. I don't want to overly draw my lips as I want it to look natural but I am slightly going over my natural lip shape, especially at the top as I have thinner top lips. Once outlined I just fill in the rest of the lips with the same pencil to act as a base. 

Kylie Jenner Lips On A Budget With NYX CosmeticsMoving onto lipstick I have two options the first is Matte lipstick in the shade Whipped Caviar this is perfect for people who love a good matte lipstick, however if you hate them and still want to achieve Kylie's lip look opt for a creamy jumbo pencil in the shade Honey Nectar this is super creamy and feels so lovely on the lips. I opted for the matte lipstick and I have to say this lipstick is amazing, it doesn't feel drying and looks incredible and lasts for such a long time. I apply this to my lips as normal but if you have drawn outside the lips a lot it is best to use a brush to get a precise look. 

For a little more wow, highlight your cupids bow to give a fuller looking effect. 

Now I did noticed that my chapped lips were a little evident with the matte lipstick so next time I would probably go with the jumbo pencil but when my lips are in good condition I love the matte lipstick as it gives me more of the 'Kylie' look. 

So now you can get the Kylie Jenner look without braking the bank. I am literally loving everything from NYX lately and I have nothing bad to say about their lip products they are amazing. 

NYX Matte Lipstick: €7.49
NYX Lip Pencil: €4.99
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil

*Gifted Pr Item

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