Barry M Speedy Dry Polishes

Barry M Speedy Dry Polishes

Whenever Barry M release a new nail polish I am on it. I love Barry M polishes and have been a fan for years. They totally upped their game with the Gelly Shine range and now they have released the Speedy Dry Range and I am not totally sold.

One thing I have always noticed about Barry M polishes was the amount of time they took to dry especially between coats. I was super excited to see they had new ones out aimed at the less paitent kind people aka me. I have read somewhere before the faster the polish the dries the less amount of time it lasts on the nails and after trying these out I can agree with that statement. Now that might not apply to all fast drying polishes but for these ones it does. I picked up 3 shades as I was feeling spendy and I picked up In A Heartbeat which is a pretty coral pink shade, Pole Position which is a mint green shade (i have mint green issues...I cannot stop) and I also bought Pit Stop which is a dusky grey lilac.

Barry M Speedy Dry Polishes SwatchesNow in terms of how these polishes apply they all apply great except the mint green one which is a little patchy but nothing too major. Barry M have replaced the brush in this new range giving you even and quicker application. I personally think the brushes on these are amazing. Now do they live up the quick dry name? why yes they do, the dry as quick as you apply them, but they do not last. I applied Pit Stop to my nails and applied a top coat the next day it literally peeled off my nails like lifted from the nails. It also happened to the mint green shade. I mean these polishes are €5.99 so not super cheap. 

I am totally on the fence about these, they do dry quickly and the shade range is so pretty and super spring ready but not staying on the nails is a massive turn off for me and so for that I wouldn't recommend them. However if you want one of them for a one night thing go for it, but don't expect longevity. 

Have you tried these polishes? Was it just me who had this experience? 

New brush makes them easy to apply and with less strokes
Colours are so pretty
They dry super fast

They do not last
Peeled from my nails within a few hours

Barry M Speedy Dry Polishes Retail for €5.99

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