Get Your Feet Ready For Spring & Summer

Get Your Feet Ready For Spring & Summer

Now the cold weather is behind us....kind of , its time to get our feet out of our boots and get them ready for the hotter months. Lets face it no one is blessed with pretty feet, in fact feet are gross. However there is no need why we cant get them looking top notch in time for Spring & Summer.

My biggest gripe when it comes to feet after a long winter is dry hard skin especially on the heel. This sometimes leads to uncomfortable walking and gross looking heels ( cue the scholl advert)  so my cure for that is to exfoliate them or sand them down in less fancier terms. I love the Micro Pedi Emoji* tool for this. Its quick and easy and does not hurt one bit. You can also buy different head attachments for them depending on how bad your feet are and it will give you smoother feeling and looking feet within 5 minutes. You can use this tool once daily for over a week and it will guarantee you softer feet. Now if you don't want to fork out for one of those opt for a foot treatment. This one from Sanctuary Spa is amazing it literally just soothes the skin on the feet and gives them a softer texture over several uses.

Another little trick I like to do is to soak my feet in a warm foot spa, this softens the skin on the feet and you can go in then with a pumice stone, or you can apply a deep nourishing lotion onto your feet and pop on your socks and leave them soak away over night. Simples. 

Once you have your feet back to their original softness its time to make them prettier. I love going for vibrant nail polishes on my toes in the spring and summer but before I paint them I like to get them into shape. I never used to shape my toe nails with a nail file it was usually just a nail clipper job and that's that, but after I broke two toes the nails never looked even so shaping them with a nail file is the only option for me. You be surprised how much more polished they look just from a simple file. When the nails are short and even its time to paint them whatever colour you fancy. 

So there are my tips on how to get your feet ready for Spring & Summer. I know not everyone likes to talk about feet but its important to look after them after all we do put a lot of pressure on them walking around everyday. 

How do you get your feet looking good? Have you tried any of these products?

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