Mac 217 Brush- Are There Any Dupes?

Mac 217 Brush- Are There Any Dupes?

The MAC 217 brush, described by people as the whole grail of blending brushes. I do love my 217, but I am on a hunt for a cheaper alternative. Today I am putting 2 other brushes to the test to see how they compare to the famous 217.
Mac 217 Brush- Are There Any Dupes?

First up, we have the Sigma E25 this is an almost exact dupe for the mac 217 only the handle is longer which people may like or not get on with at all. This brush is great for blending out harsh lines and softening any eye look. It can also be used to pack colour on and most days I would use this as a one hit shadow look just sweep colour across the lid then dusting off on the back of my hand and blending the shadow out.

Then we have the Blank Canvas E26, to me this is a slight longer bristle brush and not so fluffy it's more on the flatter side of things aswel so it works great for packing colour onto the lid and works well for blending shades out. This isn't an exact dupe like the sigma one but its close enough and a good overall brush for less than €6

Overall in terms of the closest dupe to the MAC 217 I would have to go with the Sigma E25 it is almost an exact match it performs almost the same, has the same brush head and shape, blends nicely the only major difference in my eyes is the longer handle. The Blank Canvas one is a good brush but it is a lot thinner and so doesn't give the same blending finish. That all being said I do love the Mac 217 and think it is in a little league of its own. There is just something about it that makes me love it so much. I think it's the fact that blending is just so effortless with it. 

So here is my final thoughts if you want to splash the cash get the MAC one but if you want to save a few pennys opt for the Sigma one. Both amazing brushes. Also, think about picking up the Blank Canvas one its a good little brush and works great for blending the colour out in the crease (cut creases etc) as its nice and thin. 

What do you think of these brushes? Do you think the MAC 217 is just on another level? 

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