Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour

Vidal Sassoon have released a new brand of hair colours all permanent that is meant to give you the salon treatment at home. I decided to really put this to the test and tested it out on my mum to see if it would cover grey hairs and let me just tell you she is very fussy with hair colour so here is how she got on.

First of the contents of the box are a little different to the usual standard box of colour. This one comes with a whole new bag of tricks including a tray, brush and a serum. These added additions are meant to give you the more salon feel. Also mixing is a little different you basically mix the colour and activating lotion, place that all over the roots and then add in the serum and finish off the rest of the hair. My guess the serum is meant to stop the hair drying out while its being coloured which is a nice little bonus. As for consistency of the product its pretty standard, you get quite a lot of product but I think if your hair is longer you will need two boxes.
Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour
Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour

Now for how we got on with it. I applied it to my mum's hair as stated in the instructions. I think the brush is a nice touch as you can really get to the roots and so concentrate on areas that need that extra colour. The smell was also pretty pleasant, sometimes I find some hair colours very over powering but this one was fine. The colour we used was Medium Cool Brown which is a quite natural shade.

After the suggested time I washed it out and applied the conditioner that came with it. Mum mentioned while the colour was on it was very cold, colder than other colours she has used .The hair did feel a little dry after washing it out and was kind of dry while I was washing it out, its hard to explain but it felt like straw while I was removing the colour. Not a good sign and a sign that the serum didn't help with dryness.

As for the after effect. It did cover the greys but not overall well. I also noticed it didn't look that dark after washing it out and drying the hair but only after a good half hour it seemed to darken up, which I thought was kinda strange. Overall mum wasn't impressed with this hair colour, the grey coverage wasn't amazing even though it claims 100% grey coverage the hair looked like it was lacking colour in some lights and it did not last as she needed to re colour her hair 4 weeks later and that was with putting it off. I myself noticed she had greys coming thought again in about 2-3 weeks later, which personally I don't think is great for a hair colour. She can usually go 6 weeks without colouring again, so with all that in mind she told me she wouldn't recommend this product especially if your after grey coverage. 

Now its not all that bad, it did leave the hair glossy and the colour itself was a nice natural colour, to me it looked like the hair hadn't been coloured but still had colour in it if that makes sense.  

To wrap it all up as a colour for grey coverage I would not recommend this, it didn't cover that great and the hair needed to be recoloured 4 weeks later with greys returning after 2-3 weeks later. As for someone using it without the need for grey coverage, you might find the whole applying with a brush annoying and time consuming but if not and you don't mind applying in sections etc its an ok product, nothing special at all.. I personally wouldn't rush out and buy it any time soon. 

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour retails for €13.99 / £9.99

Have you tried this product? Does it interest you? 

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