Crushing On Coral - My Top Lip Picks

top coral lipsticks

I love coral lips and now the weather is slightly picking up I thought I would dedicate a whole post to my top picks of coral lipsticks. There is a coral here for everyone whether you like the subtle touch or the in your face with a can of mace look.

First of for the subtle touch is Artistry lipstick in the shade 19* this is a very creamy peachy coral and defiantly on the orange side of coral but brings that summery look to the lips without being ott. The formula of this lipstick is really nice as it's super smooth and so moisturising. Another subtle shade is Urban Decay Sheer 'Streak', first off let's just discuss the formula of these new Urban Decay lipsticks they are like heaven on your lips. They glide on so easily, feel so comfortable on the lips and keep the lips hydrated throughout the day. The shade Streak is a gorgeous subtle but slightly neon coral however still very wearable but just a nice punch of colour on the lips.

Moving into the slightly brighter territory is the new Bourjois Aqua Laque in the shade Babe Idole, I didn't like this lipstick when I first got it but after much use I have grown to love it. The formula is a little strange, they are rather streaky to apply but once on they last and leave a nice stain on the lips and again are really moisturising. Not quite as good ad the velvet matte from Bourjois but still a great lip product. Babe Idole is a sneaky neon shade again but can be blended out to a more subtle shade. I mentioned the next one in my Mac lipstick collection post, but Mac See Sheer is a must have in my eyes. It's the perfect kind of coral as it can be worn with pretty much any eye look. You will have to buy this one its a must. 

top coral lipsticks
Saving the best to last is the new NYC Expert Lipstick in Pure Coral...oh this is a beaut. I mean this is coral at its best, on the more red side of coral but what a babe of a product. This lipstick will set you back €3 and for that price you get a great quality lipstick with amazing pigmentation and good staying power. 

top coral lipsticks
So there, you have it, 5 great coral shades that will have you looking smashing this summer. Who doesn't love a coral lip? Leave me a comment below telling me your favourite coral lip know I need more. 

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