HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro

HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro

Who doesn't love a red lip??? However,  some people are put off with them as they feel they can never get them to look right. Some feel that red just doesn't suit but I think there is a red lipstick out there for everyone and once you have found it you won't turn back. So today I have created a post giving you some tips on how to apply a red lip like a pro.
HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro
HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro

My first tip, before we get started is to exfoliate the lips this gives up a good base to work off and all lipstick applies and look nicer on soft, flake free lips. To do this simply brush over with a toothbrush after brushing your teeth or use a lip scrub such as lush or make your own with brown sugar and olive oil. Now onto how to apply the lips.

Step 1: Apply a lip liner to the center of the lips and just under your cupids bow, this will give you an easy guide to the shape of your lips as well as help you perfect your lip shape. You then want to use this guide and join up the lines to the center, so take you liner and start in the corner  and join to the cupids bow and vice versa. 

Step 2: Once your lips have an outline you want to fill in the entire lip area with your liner. Its helps so have a creamy lip liner otherwise it just drags on the lips causing flakiness and slight pain. My favourite liners are Rimmel and Kiko Smart Liners, they have the creamy consistency needed to fill in your lips without them feeling tight. 

Step 3: Now apply your red lipstick of your choice, I love Urban Decay F Bomb and Loreal Colour Riche in 461. You have two options here you can apply with a lip brush or you can apply straight from the bullet. What I usually do is apply my lipstick and any messy lines or bleeding to the lipstick I fix with the lipliner I used as it moves the lipstick without removing colour. I also feel I have more control with a lip liner. A small thin lip brush is also a good option. 

Step 4: Now there is no doubt you will have a tiny amount of bleeding on the upper lip especially so grab your concealer and fix it up. Take a small thin brush and apply concealer to the lip line area, trying not to get any on the lips but if you do fix it up with you lip liner. If it all goes horribly wrong, take a cotton bud or Q Tip and dip it in some makeup remover and gently go along the edge of the lipstick and then go back in with your concealer. Red lips can be messy to apply sometimes especially if the shade is vivid so you will probably have to do some sort of cleaning up. When all that is done I like to go around the rim of my lips with the liner to prevent further bleeding throughout the day. I also like to blot my lips with either tissue or blotting paper to prevent smudging throughout the day and that first half hour is a killer for smudging blotting will help prevent that. 

There you have it 4 simple easy steps to rock a red lip like a boss. Be sure to let me know your favourite red lipstick and  if you have and tips leave a comment below. 

Question of the day: Do red lips make you feel more empowering? 

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