New In Beauty: Recent Beauty Buys

Recent Beauty Buys

I have no excuses for this post. I was meant to be on a spending ban and since I announced that I haven't been able to stop spending. So I thought I would just share my guilt with you all and let you see some of the recent purchases I have been buying. 

I am obsessed with skincare lately and when I heard the La Roche-Posay Serozinc was launching in Ireland I was determined to try it out. €10 later and here it is. I am still really on the fence about it to be honest. I used a sample of Glam Glow Mud Mask this month and I have broken out so badly in fact it has destroyed my skin. So I have been trying to clear that and I thought Serozinc would use its magic but so far nothing. I will continue to use it thou and see what happens. Next I picked up a new cleansing oil as my body shop one had run out. I bought the Una Brennan Vitamin C Brighten cleansing oil. First off, it smells amazing and secondly I really like it. It does just a good a job as the body shop one and its win. I then picked up a little Bioderma from Escentual for my holidays. I have run out of my big one and bought the Garnier one to replace it, but the smell turns me off big time so I went and bought a 250ml Bioderma. Best micellar water ever. Love it. 

In terms of body care, I picked up this body lotion from Original Source in the scent Lime & Coconut. I have been kind of obsessed with this brand lately, but this body lotion is the It smells incredible. It's nourishing and all prob not the most nourishing but I don't care it smells that good I would use it for the smell alone. It reminds me of a holiday when you're on the beach and your skin has that sandy, beachy smell....bliss!

Now for makeup I haven't gone to wild lately. I only picked up one lipstick and that was under € so I have been good really. This one from NYC in Pure Coral is so good. It is the brightest coral shade I own. It's really comfortable to wear and it lasts for such a long time considering its retail value. I will do a separate post on it to show it in action. 

Lastly even though I have bitten my nails down to the last I bought two new nail polishes. First one is from Essie called Funny Face. This is a Barbie pink shade really pretty for summer. The next polish is from Essence and its part of the new gel range it was €1.79 and I haven't tried it yet but it's in the shade 'Play With My Mint' and its a lovely mint green shade. I also picked up Maybelline Uptown Blues polish which isn't shown here but omg it's amazing. You need it in your life!

So that is all, I haven't gone too mad, but I did break the ban. Ah well, I can always start again.

Have you bought anything new lately? 

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