Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues -nail polish

I am obsessed with blue nail polishes lately and they seem to be getting more and more popular, back in the day I probably would have never worn a blue polish on my nails but these days I am craving the next best one. So today I have rounded up my favourite ones to get your nails bang on trend this summer...also can we discuss the summer here in Ireland at the moment, like seriously where the heck is it. I legit lit the fire last night...sad times.
blue nail polish swatches
Back to happy thoughts, I will kick it off with Barry M Blueberry, part of the Gelly range which is my favourite range from Barry M, this shade is the periwinkle style blue, its kinda milky but still packed with a lot of blue. It is a beaut. Taking of beauty can we just admire Maybelline Uptown Blue...oh sweet lord this is the bomb diggity. It is everything a blue polish should be, eye catching and jaw dropping (slightly dramatic) but it's a great shade. The formula is also really good with just 2 coats and great staying power. 

Taking it a little more on the darker side is Lancome Nuit Dazur, this reminds me of a swimming pool for some reason, it's a lot less minty blue compared to the others but its very impactful never the less on the nails. Then we have the first ever blue polish I ever bought Bourjois Blue No Blues, awesome name and equally awesome polish. The formula, the quality, oh and the my friend are a blue polish angel. I have a swatch on my nails of this one here. Then for the people who don't want that full-on blue I have Barry M Huckleberry, this is the blue/white milky side of things. It's a lot less in your face but still a really pretty shade the only downside is it is a 3 coat son of a b**ch, but we will forgive you. 

So there you have it the ultimate blue polishes for the ''summer'', if you are near a Sephora I did spot a gorgeous blue on Lovely Girlie Bits blog called Bikini Party, go take a look and tell me you won't buy it, it is on my list., I'll tell you that.

Leave any recommendations down in the comments you know I am easily enabled. What are your go to summer polishes?

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