The Bridal Edit Part 1

 makeup for brides

Since bridal season is in full swing, I thought I would tell you my top picks that I like to use on clients and from what clients have told me that they love on their face for their big day. I am planning on doing a bridal do and don't's really soon but for now I will show you some of my favourite wedding proof makeup.

First up is base, this is crucial to get right. I have two great foundations that photograph amazingly but also give great coverage without being too heavy. I feel it is important to look like yourself on your big day, don't wear heavy makeup if you don't usually wear heavy makeup as it won't look like you when you look back in photos. Your makeup should be classic and timeless so when you look back at it in a few years it's not cringe worthy. Anyway onto my foundation choices, first is Makeup For Ever HD foundation this gives great coverage and looks amazing in photos, not only that its looks really natural. Also MUFE, offer a huge range of shades and undertones so everyone will find a match. Another great base is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, this is the less coverage sister of the double wear and this one gives the skin a natural look without being cakey while still offering amazing coverage.

When it comes to setting the base I think a lovely light reflecting powder adds a little something to the makeup, try not to go overly crazy with this but a light dusting really does give an airbrushing look to the skin. I love Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. When it comes to blush, you really want to pick a shade that goes with your skin tone and your undertone, Hourglass offer a great range of blushes that give a really Hollywood glow to the skin, I also really like Bobbi Brown blushes as they are so lovely to apply.

As for eyes apart from keeping it waterproof on the lashes and eyeliner, choose a shadow shade that works with your skin tone, I love to use Mac Patina, its a great base colour that can be slightly smoked up but it also works with so many skin tones its a real gem. If you choose false lashes, also use DUO lash glue its the bomb Diggity and lashes won't budge with it on. If you are sticking with individual lashes buy the Ardell ones as they have way more of a natural look than the Eylure.

Of course lipstick is a personal choice my faves include Urban Decay Sheer Liar lipstick, Mac Angel, Mac Patisserie, Chanel Boy, NYX Buttergloss in Tiramusi....the list goes on and I am sure you probably have a fave just make sure to apply a lip liner underneath the lipstick to prolong wear time.

Make sure to set your makeup on your big day as it is going to be a long day. I love the Urban Decay all nighter but they also do ones for different skin needs. Setting the makeup gives you one less thing to worry about at least.

So there you have it, part 1 of my bridal edit. I will be doing more posts and I am going to do some videos on my youtube channel soon. If you have any questions or requests leave them below.

Are you getting married soon?

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