The Wet Brush- Best Invention Ever!

best brush for knotty hair
The struggle of knotty hair is real. Washing it and trying to brush it out is the most painful experience and then even after it is styled and you think you are rocking it, your hair is knotting up again...sound familiar? Well, I have tried all the tangle teezers and brushes and let me tell you nothing compares to the Wet Brush.

The brush itself comes with a long handle one thing I hated about the Tangle Teezer is the fact its was hard to hold sometimes and sometimes when your hair was extra knotty it was impossible to control. I often found myself throwing it around the bedroom, not on purpose, but literally it would fly out of my hand. While I did love my tangle teezer it just wasn't cutting it anymore. So I tried the Wet Brush after reading many positive reviews and I gotta say I love it.

It looks like pretty much any other brush that you find in the aisles of Boots, however, I have no idea what or how it does it but it literally glides through the hair, even super knotty wet hair and detangles like a boss. I can blow dry and style my hair with this brush, all things the tangle teezer wouldn't be able for. The brush is designed really well, the bristles are thin but have a plastic coating on each tip and the handle is this non-slip rubber to prevent it flying across the room. 

So you might be thinking as it's called the 'Wet Brush' can it just be used on wet hair? Well no I use it on wet and dry hair and it has become my everyday brush weather I am brushing my hair after a shower or brushing it to place in a ponytail. It works great on both wet and dry hair and I cannot recommend this little beauty enough. 

Overall a great replacement for a tangle teezer if you find it is not just cutting it. Also did you see the tangle teezer have released brushes with handles yet they are close to € thinks not. You can pick up a wet brush for around €15 and let's just say it will be the best €15 you have ever spent. 

I got mine from Look Fantastic, but local pharmacies stock them and they come in lots of different designs and sizes.

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