2 Days In London & Fleetwood Mac

I recently just got back from the UK Capital London. I went with my dad for a Fleetwood Mac concert in the O2 Arena .It was only a flying visit and we didn't have much time to get it all done, but I thought I would show you my little trip.

I flew from Cork to Heathrow and the flight was just 1 hour, literally the quickest flight ever. I have never been to Heathrow airport before so had no idea what to expect but let's just say its blows Ireland's airports out of the water. The baggage claim area alone is bigger than cork airport entirely haha. I stayed in the Holborn Area and so the tube ride was a little over 50 mins. I did however, purchase an oyster card and topped it up with £20 and it lasted me the whole 2 days and I used it often. You defiantly save a lot of money buying an oyster card. Also one thing to note the escalators in the tubes are so high, if you suffer with vertigo, you may have an issue.

On the first day we did the regular tourist thing, we took ourselves off to the British Museum, not my choice of places to go but Dad is a major history nerd. The place is free entry and located just off Bloomsbury. I will admit the only reason I agreed to go was because they filmed Night At The Museum 3 and I was excited to see all the film locations etc. I dunno if it was because I was sweating buckets in there but I couldn't wait to leave. I was dragged around every single room by my dad and there's a lot of rooms. The only part I did like was the Egypt and African exhibits, the rest went over my head.

After that, we decided to do the Irish thing and throw ourselves outside the pub and enjoy the sunny weather. If not why not huh. The next day we went to the London Eye. We left pretty early and so the queue was next to nothing, thank god. It's a nice way to see the whole of London and all but I can't help feel it's a little over priced for £21.50 for 30mins, which feels like 15mins. I guess its always nice to say you have been on it. It did however, rain that morning so visibility was a little off, but it was grand all the same. Then we headed to Oxford Street, I only had 3 hours to get all the shopping done as I was heading to the concert at 6.30 so I was a woman on a mission. One thing I will say about Oxford Street and London shopping is they have a zillion H&Ms, what's all that about?  I did however, go to Kiko and the likes and picked up a few items which will feature on my youtube channel. I also discovered H&M home...oh sweet baby jesus, I could have bought the lot...so so nice.  Before the concert, we went to a traditional Fish & Chips. When in London & all.

We headed to the O2 arena by tube, the tube was literally packed and I went on there looking fresh came off looking like Lee Evans mid-concert. How do you Londoners do that on a daily basis? It's mental. The Arena itself is crazy, it has a zillion restaurants inside and the place is huge and I mean huge.

Fleetwood Mac were literally out of this world. The best concert I have ever been to. They truly are legends and being a huge fan of theirs for years it was great to finally see them live. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and even though it cost a lot of dosh to get there etc I would happily pay it all over again. The set was 2.5 hours long and they sang all the greatest hits and for me Lindsey Buckingham stole the show, his guitar skills are out of this world. Most songs were introduced with a story of how they came about writing them and it was great to learn what they all meant. My favourite songs were Go Your Own Way, Gypsy, Big Love, Tusk and Landslide, I enjoyed them all but those ones were my ultimate fave. Mick Fleetwood also had a 10min drum solo which was amazing. He is a character alright, such a legend. Overall a concert I will never ever forget. 
Even though I left with the biggest Blister known to man kind, it was a great two days away and was lovely to spend it with my Dad as I usually go away with my Mum, so it was nice to do something different. London was lovely, shopping was great and the concert was out of this world, a little trip I will cherish.

Have you been to London? Are you a fan of the Mac?

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