Top 5 Essie Polishes

One brand I have come to love is Essie, I am addicted to nail polish Essie is a brand I have started to collect over the years, mainly due to the influence of some bloggers but either way I do love an Essie nail polish. The shade selection is great the continuing collections is exciting and they are great quality. Of course like any other brands it has its hits and misses but today, I am going to talk about my all time top 5 shades. 

First up is Watermelon, oh sweet baby jesus this is the best polish of all time, it's a juicy pink/ red / raspberry shade that is so intense and so bright that it's sure to cheer up anyone's day. Watermelon is opaque in just one coat and the finish is so glossy and almost gel like. It truly is the perfect polish. Taking of juicy reds next we have Fifth Avenue. This is a super bright red that leans on the orange side, again this one is sure to turn heads and brighten up an outfit and has that glossy finish. Like watermelon, this is opaque in just one coat, but I like to do two just to be safe. Fifth Avenue is a very flattering red shade that would work on all skin tones. 

Next moving out of the bright category is Chinchilly, this is a sneaky polish and by that I mean it has different undertones depending on which way the light is hitting it. It is, in fact a slate grey but it has a lilac and almost blue undertones that give it that extra edge over other grey polishes. This is a truly sleek polish and great for the office as it adds such sophistication to the nails. Then for the dark polish lovers we have Bahama Mama. This is a warm rich plum shade that makes it look like autumn has exploded all over your nails. Like the first two polishes I mentioned it has an almost gel-like finish. This is a must for all you purple nail lovers. 

Lastly is the first ever Essie Polish I bought and that is Cute As A Button, this one was heavily influenced by Fleur De Force and I remember buying this one in Wales and I was very excited at the time that it was finally mine. No matter how old this one is I will always go back to it. It is a creamy almost neon pinky coral shade that instantly makes me think of summer whenever I wear it. This one is a fave mainly as its so easy to apply and works well on short nails (which I have 8 months of the year...nail biter alert)

So there you have it, my top 5 Essie polishes. It was hard breaking it down to just 5 and I have other well loved ones so let me know if you want a collection post. 

What Essie polishes do you love and do you have any recommendations? 

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