Alphabet Bags: The New Makeup Bag

Alphabet Bags: The New Makeup Bag
Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, in today's post I wanted to talk a little about my new makeup bag. This makeup bag is from Alphabet bags and I simply adore it. It is a natural canvas bag with the words 'You Look Lovely Today' printed on the front which is always nice to look at when you are slapping your face on in the morning.

The bag itself comes in a few styles you can get it in a pouch which is this size or a wash bag, you can even get this print on a tote bag. The pouch is cheaper than the wash bag and to be honest its a pretty decent size bag that fits a lot of makeup, but it isn't too big which is great if you travel. 

I just thought I would throw up a quick post about it in case you are on a look out for a new make-up bag. As I am writing this I know how much I am rambling on, I can only say so much about a makeup bag other than then the print is cute, its sturdy and holds a decent amount of makeup and if you like quirky then you will like the website. The company ship to Ireland for a very reasonable price of under €5 which is kind of rare these days. They also ship to other countries I will link the website so you can see if they ship to where you live. 

I also have a little discount that is valid till 31st July which is on Friday so to avail of the 10% discount just enter HANDSOME at the checkout.

Have you ordered from Alphabet Bags before? Do any of the products take your fancy. 

P.S this bag is from the seconds sale which offers the same bag at a discount and a pretty decent discount, the only problem is they say the bag is flawed in some way but I cannot see anything wrong with mine so I am one happy customer.  

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