Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise In Marie Antoinette
I made a little 'Treat Yo Self' order about two weeks ago and in that was one of the new Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Shadows in the shade Marie Antoinette. I have only tried one other thing from Charlotte Tilbury and had heard so many great wonderful reviews about these cream shadows so I was excited to see how well they performed on my oily lids.

First off the packaging is just stunning, CT is really a luxury brand well considering the prices I would defiantly consider it luxury. Priced at €26 each for one shadow they are defiantly not an everyday purchase but to be honest these are very much worth the price tag and I am so happy with the product. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise In Marie Antoinette

First off the colour Marie Antoinette is described as a oyster silver/ gold shade. I opted for this shade as I wanted a colour I could wear on a day to day basis. I did have my eye on Mona Lisa which is a bronze shade but I already own so many bronze cream shadows so  I wanted something a little different, saying  that I can see myself going back for Mona Lisa #problems. The product itself is highly pigmented with just one light touch it gives you full on colour. I read on a few blog posts that its best to apply in light layers and allow them to dry between each layer. So that's what I did to apply the shadow and I was blown away with the effect. A cream shadow that has such pigmentation, blends like a dream and feels so good on the eyes. A little bit of product really does go a long way as well so this pot will last you a good while. 
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise In Marie Antoinette

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise In Marie Antoinette

I apply this shadow with a brush, but I have applied with my fingers as well. However I defiantly prefer with a brush as I feel you get more colour pay off and not so much of the shimmer if that makes sense. Plus as they are so pigmented you have way more control with a brush. 

What separates this product from all the other cream shadows is the amazing staying power. I mentioned at the beginning I have oily lids and I wore this shadow for 10 hours straight and low and behold not even a little creasing and I have borderline hooded lids so there was defiantly a good chance it would crease but I got nothing, which for me makes this product worth the €26 alone. 

I can not speak highly enough of these eyes to mesmerise. The pigmentation is immense, they apply so well and so evenly and effortlessly and the staying power is crazy. Charlotte knows her stuff and I cannot wait to try more from her line. I have my eye on the lipsticks...should I??? Like I need persuading.

Have you tried these shadows yet? Are they something on your wishlist? 

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