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I was sat here last night thinking about what I love more than makeup and it hit me I am a serious netflix and tv addict so why not dedicate a whole post to it. I have strange taste when it comes to tv shows I like a mixture of things and so I have gathered my most watched and my absolute faves to recommend to you today.
Homeland: This one was a show I discovered about 2 years ago. I binged watched 3 seasons on netflix and got totally sucked in. I will admit the main character Carrie can get a little headbanging and at times and there are times you wish you could jump into the screen and give here a slap but the show always seems to amazes me and leaves me wanting more every episode. If you love CIA style programmes that have intense storylines you will like this and who can not mention the beaut that is Quinn, enough reason to watch alone. (Available on RTE 2/ Channel 4/ Showtime)

Parks and Recreation: I only discovered this last year after finally getting US netflix and I am hooked. I currently have 2 seasons left to watch and I do not want it to end. If you like the Office you will like this, its kinda the same thing only a different location etc. It is also packed with some great actors including the amazing Amy Poehler. This show leaves me in stitches. (Available on US Netflix)
The Office US: Talking of the Office of course I am a lover of this series. In fact, I think I have seen each episode about 3 or 4 times and I still laugh. I have been in floods of tears watching this in a good way that is. Steve Carrell is the main part in the show but the relationship between his character and Dwight Schrute is what makes the show legendary.  (Available On Both US & UK Netflix)

Ray Donovan: Even though this show is going into its third season its a must watch and you can catch up online or on the sky player. This show is a little different in fact it kind of has no real solid storyline but its hella good. Ray is basically a problem solver but Tony Soprano style problem solver and so it always has you like 'say what' and the character Mickey who is played by Jon Voight is amazing. You have to love this show. (Available on Sky Atlantic) 

Sons Of Anarchy: This show ended this year but it is well worth a watch. I was literally obsessed with this show. It is about an outlaw biker club that basically do whatever they want and obviously make a few enemies along the way. Again it's a show that will have you on the edge of your seats and if that isn't enough Jax Teller (main man) is a babe and reveals his arse a lot...just saying. (Available On US & UK Netflix)

Family Guy/ American Dad : I still do love watching Family Guy and American Dad they are just an easy watch show where you can be half concentrating and still know what's going on. I will always love these shows, they never fail to make me laugh. (Available on FXUK/ Fox)

Game Of Thrones: Like another Zillion people I love love love Game Of Thrones. When it was first released I was like I will never like this, binge watched the first season and literally counted down the days then to the second and have been hooked every since. What I love the most about GOT is the fact there's a lot of characters and so you can never get bored with a storyline. It makes the show a lot more interesting and I'm sure you will all agree and the fact that no character is safe makes it even more exciting. (Available on Sky Atlantic/ HBO)

The Walking Dead: Talking of shows where no main character is safe is the Walking Dead, again a programme I thought I would never like until my cousin convinced me it was the bomb Diggity and I now adore this show. Even if you are not a fan of zombies, the whole fight for survival is so intense and exciting and again the show is not without some eye candy....cough cough Daryl & Rick (beardless Rick that is) (Available on FXUK/ FOX & Netflix)

Lost: Then comes my new obsession and that is Lost. Oh sweet lord I love this show so much so, I finished it just 2 weeks ago and I am rewatching just to get a fix. How sad is that? Lost is pretty old and I just thought I would give it a watch on Netflix and I am so glad I did. The storyline is so different to other shows and Sawyer can we just take a moment for Sawyer.  (Available on US Netlfix)

So there are my favourite shows, top tip if you don't own Netflix watch it all on Couch Tuner my favourite online tv show site. It's has all these shows and more. Be sure to let me know you faves below. 

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