St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan

Another product that literally the whole of my beauty Instagram and twitter feed went a little crazy for. Yes, St Tropez Gradual In Tan Shower was the topic on everyone's lips when they announced it was coming soon. I will admit I thought it was a joke, I mean an in shower tan how they hell does that work? Well,  I have the answers for you today.

So how does it work? Well you basically cleanse yourself as normal in the shower using whatever you use such as shower gel etc. You then make sure all that is rinsed off as usual and then turn your shower off. You then apply the product all over your body or whatever part of the body you are wanting to tan and then wait 3 minutes and then rinse off with warm water and pat yourself dry with a towel. The tan then develops over the next couple of hours (usually overnight)  Sounds pretty simple right but although it may seem like rocket science it does have a few flaws.
St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan Review

First off you need to rinse your hands after you have applied it and unless you have a giant shower it will mean you have to get your naked arse out of the shower and rinse them off in the sink...Effort! Then there is the whole timing thing, who knows when 3 minutes is up, I count to 60 3 times but I am pretty sure that isn't that effective. I mean you could pop a clock in the bathroom. I also can't help but think standing freezing cold in the winter wouldn't be very nice. So the whole effort of it all is a little meh but I will give it this its very easy to apply as its a great consitencey and you can't go wrong with it.

As for the result it is very subtle and I mean subtle. I am a pale Casper and I was even looking for a tan after it developed. I looked a little more tanned but nothing that people would notice. I then continued to use it for over a 5 day period and noticed the end result was still very subtle so if you are looking for a full on tan this is not for you. However if you are like me and slightly scared of fake tan this will be your best friend. I have tried gradual tans in the past and always end up going a little streaky because I am not a pro at applying tan but this one from  St Tropez was literally streak free every time I applied.

So overall a good product if you are not very great with tan and just want a very natural tan. If you love a good tan then this won't be for you however it could be used as a top up when you are tanning. So it would be a benefit to you. I would buy it again purely as I am a tan newb and this didn't scare me. However the application isn't the most perfect thing but I suppose if you don't mind freezing your nips off while you wait then I say go for it. I suppose you could always jump up and down on the spot while you wait to keep warm.

Have you tried this yet? Is it something you would like to try?

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan retails for €19.99/ £14.50/ $25

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