Mac Mehr Lipstick- The Perfect Matte

Mac Mehr Lipstick
Mac Mehr Lipstick

If you know me or read this blog regularly than you will know I hardly every wear matte lipsticks, one because I suffer with dry lips pretty much all year round and 2 because I feel no matter how much I think my lips can handle them it just ends up looking a hot mess. So I was very surprised when I fell in love with Mac Mehr. 

Mac Mehr is described as a cool toned pink. It’s actually really flattering especially on my pale skin and looks great with pretty much any eye look. For me it gives the lips a sophisticated look which may sound strange but it just looks like the perfect office shade.

Being my first matte mac lipstick I had no idea what to expect in fact I order it without even knowing it was matte, what can I say I seen it making its rounds on youtube and convinced myself I needed it. However for a matte lipstick it’s actually really creamy and not drying one bit even on chapped lips. The stay time of this lipstick is around 5-6 hours with care taken when eating and drinking, but seriously it does last a long time and it wears well. In the past matte lipsticks have caked up on my lips and looked gross by the end of the day but this just fades slightly with no drama. 
Mac Mehr Lipstick
I love to wear it alone for when I want a more subtle look but I love pairing it with NYX Buttercream in Tiramisu when I know I am going to be out all day and my lips are going to dehydrate does anyone else get that? Well for me the two of them are a match made in heaven. I also like to pair it with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, they are slightly different shade but they work well together. 
Mac Mehr LipstickMac Mehr Lipstick

Overall I adore this lipstick, it has amazing staying power the formula is great even though I am slightly scared of matte lipsticks and the colour is so me and such a great shade for everyday. Mehr is not that well talked about but I feel next time you are in Mac swatch it and see what you think. 

Have you tried Mac Mehr? What is your favourite Matte Lipstick?

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