Roger & Gallet Eau Sublime Or Bois d'Orange

Roger & Gallet Eau Sublime Or Bois d'OrangeWho doesn't love a summery fragrance? and then who doesn't like a shimmering summery fragrance? Well Roger & Gallet have got you covered with their new Eau Sublime Or in the scent Bois D'Orange*.

When I first saw this product the Nuxe Multi Purpose dry oil came into my head straight away but what makes this product different is the fact it is a perfume. I am the worst at describing scents but like the name suggests it does have a orange aroma to it. It also really reminds me of the beach for some strange reason. Overall I really like the scent, its fruity and not over powering. Now the glitter side of this is very subtle. You won't spray this and end up like Edward Cullen so don't worry but its a nice touch of gold shimmer that looks lovely when the sun hits it. Of course you would apply in the normal perfume areas however I like to apply this way before I apply my t-shirt just in case it goes everywhere. That could just be my over-active imagination as I read on their website it does not stain clothes.

Also on a little side note how gorgeous is the bottle?. It really is a a dressing table accessory.

Overall I really like this scent, its applies nicely, the glitter element is a nice little touch and I think it would look amazing on a sunkissed body (or tan) however its kills me to say it but it doesn't last very long. Which is a little upsetting as its cost €40 which isn't exactly budget friendly. So for me personally I probably wouldn't purchase this when this bottle runs out due to its not so great staying power, but everyone is different some perfumes last longer on some people so I say next time you see this one in the shop give it a go and see how long lasts on you before purchasing.

Have you tried this perfume? Does glittery perfume sound good to you?

You can shop Roger & Gallet in Sam McCauleys 

*Gifted Pr Item

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