A Tiny Sephora Haul

A Tiny Sephora Haul

I did the impossible...well for me anyway. I went on holiday and didn't buy any makeup. I did however buy some beauty tools and a few skincare items. I legit think the heat got to me haha. This is a very small haul from Sephora but I thought I would show you anyway.
A Tiny Sephora Haul
 must say the Sephora in Madrid in Puerta Del Sol was actually really good,it stocked a great range of makeup brands including Marc Jacobs but I was think the whole busy atmosphere in there put me off and I just couldn't be bothered to swatch things etc. So it ended up buying just a few random items. The first two items are skincare. I picked up a Rose Mask which I have seen on others people's blog in the past. This is a sheet mask that is drenched in liquid and has a slight rose scent. I used this just last week and I wasn't blown away by it. It was ok nothing special though, although I was called Jason from Halloween when I wore it but other than that it was just a regular old mask. I am pretty sure it was around €3.95. In my opinion not worth that. The other skincare item I picked up is an eye mask. I haven't used this yet but it was a complete at the till purchase. I will let you know how I get on with it and again it was around €3.95.
A Tiny Sephora Haul

My other two purchases were two beauty tools. One is a Beauty Blender which is a repurchase. I bought one in black a little while ago and I literally love the hell out if it and so decided to pick up another one. I paid around €25 last time for the black one as the sterling conversion was mental but I picked up the pink one for €14 in Sephora. I cannot recommend this little sponge enough, its a game changer. The other beauty tool I got was The Sephora 56 Flawless Base Brush. I used this while on Holiday and I'm not sure if it was because my skin was super dry due to the sun that it was so hard to apply my foundation but I used it again this morning and I love the finish it gave my to my skin, it was literally airbrushed. Now this brush is a little pricey it comes in just under €25 but its a great quality and it gives amazing results. I would defiantly recommend it. I will do a full review soon with how the foundation looks on the skin etc. 

So there you have it the world's smallest Sephora haul. I will admit I do regret not going hardcore shopping in there but what can you do. I did however come home and make a sneaky Kiko order, which will be live soon as soon as it arrives. Overall though I am adjusting to this minimal life thing haha. I literally got rid of 50% of my makeup the other day as I realised I was a serious horder. You know what they say one out ten more items in...

Question of the day: What would you pick up if you were let loose with no limit on your credit card in an American Sephora? 

Have you tried any of these products?

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