Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses

I was recently contacted (see what I did there) by Alensa an Irish contact lens supplier offering me the chance to try out some coloured contact lenses. Now I do wear normal contacts but I have never tried coloured ones so I jumped at the chance as I was very excited to turn my eyes a different colour. Here is a little post on how I go on with them and weather or not I would recommend them.

They sent me two colours, one is blue and one is green, they also gave me some solution and a storage container and some eye spray which I will get onto in a minute. The contacts are just like regular contacts however I found them rather thin usually when I use my regular contacts they stay in the curved shape when I take them out of the solution but these ones seem to curl up on themselves and sometimes turned inside out which can be a little fiddly. The other thing I noticed about these lenses is they are slight bigger than my regular contacts, this took a little while to get used to and there were a few occasions I felt they were falling out but they didn't. It actually took a long time to get used to ( a week to be precise) I usually use daily disposable lenses so I was not used to cleaning out the container and adding new solution  but that is probably just second nature to some people but to be honest I prefer daily disposables as I am lazy. So in a nut shell they are a little thin but that could be the norm with all coloured lenses and they are a little bigger than normal but overall I have enjoyed wearing them.

Coloured Contact Lenses

As for the colours I loved both of them. The blue was a little more dramatic as I have naturally greenish brown eyes and so going blue was a very obvious change but I think they do look really natural. The green though I loved as I felt they gave me enhanced green eyes and not sure if you can see on the picture but you can see my natural shade coming through on the blue so it looked a lot more natural on the green pair. I did get these contacts in prescription but they do come in non prescription if you just want to play around with a few designs. They retail for €15.90 which is pretty good as I have seen coloured lenses to come up rather expensive. 

Among the set was a moisture spray which I have to say has become a cult product in my everyday life. I suffer with very dry eyes at the best of times and so wearing contacts daily makes them even worse but I have found this spray to really help. You spray it over closed eyes and when you open your eye it makes its way into the eye giving them a punch of moisture. Spraying over the eye does not effect makeup so this has been in my handbag ever since I got it. 

Overall I am really impressed with the lenses, they did take a long time to get used to due to them being  a little larger than usual but I love tricking people with blue eyes and enchaining the green in my eyes. I wouldn't wear these all day though as I feel as they are larger I would want to rip them out half way through the day but I think they are perfect for a special occasion or a night out. 

Little side note since I have access to blue eyes now would you like a makeup look for blue eyes? 

Have you tried coloured lenses? Are they something you would be interested in? 

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