Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume

Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume

They say Karma is a Bitch however there is such thing as good Karma and Thomas Sabo have proved that with their latest fragrance. Today I am going to tell you all about it.

My Thoughts on Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume:

Lets all take one second to look at this bottle, it is a beaut and defiantly one to show off on the dressing table. The lid is a heavy silver ball that is designed just like their Om Bead. Inside the bottle itself is a Rose Quartz that is meant to resemble love and I have to say I am in love in with this fragrance.
Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume

Now I am not that great at describing scents but I took a look online to get an accurate description for you. The top notes are fruity with blackcurrent, apple and freesia scents. The base notes are woody with amber, cedar and a musk scent. I feel like its a more mature perfume and reminds me of a Chanel perfume, not saying its a dupe but it has that more mature scent vibe to it like most Chanel fragrances do. The scent overall is lovely and not overpowering and I have been complimented many times wearing it. It does however not last that long on the skin but to be honest most fragrances don't anymore, saying that it doesn't completely disappear on the skin it just fades but you can still get a slight scent to the wrists.

Would I recommend Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume?

Overall I love this perfume and while it looks super pretty on the dressing table it also smells incredible and is easily becoming my go to everyday perfume. I would defiantly recommend giving it a sniff next time your near a perfume counter.

Will you be trying the new Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume? What is your go to Autumn fragrance?

Thomas Sabo Karma* will be released on 18th September and will be avilable in 2 sizes 30ml (€39.95) & 50ml (€54.95)

Other Prices:
UK: 30ml (£34) 50ml (£48)
USA: 30ml ($49) 50ml ($69)

*Gifted Pr Item

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