Fleur De Force Beauty: Lipgloss Review

Fleur De Force Beauty: Lipgloss Review

Today I have something a little bit different and that is a beauty product from a Blogger named Fleur De Force, now I am sure you have probably heard of Fleur before and it was no surprise she jumped on the bandwagon and bought out a beauty range. I have followed Fleur for years on youtube and when I saw she was releasing a beauty range I thought I buy something from the line and see what the quality was like and so today I am going to share my thoughts.
Fleur De Force Beauty: Lipgloss Review
Now you all know I am not a lipgloss lover, I may have mentioned in a few times but I seriously hate anything that is sticky and can attract your hair however Fleur released a video showing the lipglosses and said they were like a liquid lipstick but with a finish of a lipgloss so I thought I would give them a try as I was very intrigued. I opted for the shade 'Written In The Stars' which is a your lips but better shade. It really is the perfect everyday nude and it can be worn with any eye makeup and I feel its a great staple shade to carry in your handbag so as far as the shade goes I love it.
Written in the stars lipgloss

The product itself is essentially a lipgloss however it does have the pigmentation of a liquid lipgloss but it does not have that drying feeling of a liquid lipstick. If I had to compare the texture of this lipgloss I would say its very similar to NYX buttergloss (which I love) but a tad more tacky but not tacky to the point I want to remove it. So overall stickiness is minimal. The smell of lipgloss smells like cake batter, I first thought it was vanilla but it is 100% cake batter which is pleasant but the scent isn't over powering.

In terms of stay power I get around 2-3 hours of wear before it needs to be topped up. Which I feel is standard. I have actually been pairing this lipgloss with Mac Mehr as I feel they are identical. Overall I am impressed with this gloss. It leaves a great amount of colour on the lips, easy to apply with its dofer applicator and applies evenly and isn't too sticky. Now one thing I feel is a little meh is the price. These lipglosses retail for €9.72 I feel that is a little pricey for a 'Beauty Blogger' brand to be fair. It could just be the euro being evil but I mean Rimmel offer cheaper lipglosses. Saying that though I think I would buy another shade as I really liked the quality of the lip glosses and thought they were worth the money its just nearly €10 is a little steep, maybe its just me being a Scrooge.

To sum it all up I would recommend the lipglosses from Fleur's Range and I think you should defiantly pick up Written In The Stars if you love a good nude lipgloss.

You can shop The Fleur De Force Range Here

Retail Price: €9.72/ £6.99 /$10.83

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