The Beauty Blender...Worth The Hype?

The Beauty Blender...Worth The Hype?
The question on a lot of peoples minds well beauty minded people is 'Is the Beauty Blender worth splashing out for or is it just a sponge' Well after testing this out for just over 2 months I thought I would share my two cents on it.

Now way back in the day I thought paying over €15 for a sponge was crazy and I would never be that mental but one random afternoon I found myself adding it to a basket and thinking why not just try it and see what the hype is all about. Before using the beauty blender I had used various 'dupes' that say they are just the same as the BB but after trying the real Beauty Blender I have to admit that it really is in a league of its own. 
The Beauty Blender...Worth The Hype?

I cannot explain what makes this sponge better than the rest but it really is and this sponge is a life changer when it comes to applying makeup. It is so universal it can be used to apply your foundation, concealer, powder, cream blush or even just making sure everything is all blended out. The sponge itself works best wet as most do and it literally gives the most flawless, airbrushed finish to the skin that still looks 100% natural. I think it would be great for people who suffer with dry skin who struggle to apply foundation as it just bounces off the skin without dragging or irritating the skin surface. However I think everyone needs one of these in their lives. 

Overall for such a little sponge the results are incredible and I haven't stopped using it since I got it, I may never look at a brush again.  One down side I find with this product is I do use more foundation as it does soak it up a little but I can sacrifice that if it means an even polished result in less than five minutes. I highly recommend the Beauty Blender and if you are on the fence like I was just buy one I promise it will change your beauty life. 

Have you tried the Beauty Blender? 

I picked up my Beauty Blender from Cult Beauty

(I will be doing a whole post dedicated to cleaning this sponge and to clean it to prevent break outs etc)

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