The Best Of Netflix Tv Shows Part Deux

So a little while ago I did a Best of Netflix TV Shows and as a lot of you really liked that post I thought I would do a part two. Sometimes when your favourite show comes to an end it can be a little overwhelming as to watch next so I have rounded up another 5 shows you simply must give a watch.

First up is the very obvious choice and that is Friends. I don't know if you know but this is possibly my all time tv show and so when it got added to the American Netflix at the start of this year it was a dream come true. I don't think it matters how often I see an episode of Friends it never fails to make me laugh. This is a must watch. Another great show but on a totally different scale is Narcos. This is more of a serious show and based on a true story. It tells the tale of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel. Its a well written show with excitement and suspense. Highly recommend giving it a watch.
The Best Of Netflix Tv Shows Part Deux

If you are after some comedy then you need to watch Arrested Development. This is a show about a dysfunctional family with an all star cast. I cannot tell you the major lol's I have had watching this show. I also love Jason Bateman so for that reason alone I am recommending it. The show though does have some amazing characters and is sure to make your face ache. If you are one who likes to watch shows that don't need much attention than Bojack Horseman is for you. Its a adult cartoon show that tells the story of a washed up actor who is a Horse and its very odd but in a good way. Will Arnett voices the horse and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) voices his flatmate. Its worth a watch for those binge days. 
The Best Of Netflix Tv Shows Part Deux

Next for something more serious and that is House Of Cards. This is possibly the best written show on Netflix. The acting is something else and Kevin Spacey is just on fleek. I love this show for its corruption and 'oh no he didn't' moments.  The show that will leave you surprised at what people will do for power and make you fall in love with Kevin Spacey as the great actor that he is. Don't let the political side of this show turn you off its much more than that and you must watch it.

Lastly for all you horror lover, American Horror Story is for you. This show is not really scary but more creepy. Best part about this show is its not one you have to follow season after season as each season is a totally different plot, characters etc. It is very well thought out actually and keeps people excited for what the next season will hold. I mean if Evan Peters appearing isn't enough for you than I don't know what is. My favourite season is probably S2, season 4 is a little meh but the rest are brilliant and worth some viewing time.

So there are another 5 shows you must check out next time you are browsing the Netflix library. Feel free to leave some recommendations in the comments and let me know if you watch any of these shows.

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