Change Up Your Usual Makeup Routine with Makeup Bingo

Makeup is exciting and magical in the way that it enhances all of our best facial features, but because of the amount of time we spend on blending our foundation and perfecting our lipstick application, there are some days we find ourselves in somewhat of a beauty rut. It’s been reported that women spend approximately 474 days in their lifetime putting on cosmetics, so it’s not really much of a surprise if women find themselves in the same old beauty routine. If you happen to be one of them, then it might be time for you to play Makeup Bingo.

Putting the fate of your look of the day on a bingo card might sound a bit frightening at first, but it’s actually a fun way to shake things up in your makeup regimen. We’ve piled on dozens of products in our bathrooms but only use a few on a daily basis, so the game could very well be our answer to making use of all your cosmetics.

Numerous times, bingo has been used as a platform to share beauty tips and to promote experimentation. One such example would be’s Wardrobe Bingo, a game that inspires creativity whenever you're bored with your wardrobe. Even beauty experts have been featured on live TV courtesy of online bingo portals, including international makeup artist Mikey Phillips who was on a special gala show provided by an entertainment hub with the biggest collection of online bingo games in the UK. Thus, getting advice on cosmetics from this lottery style game isn’t as weird as you might think.

You can choose to use the provided image or make your own bingo card, going down the more traditional route with five categories. Write down or place five pictures under the following:

B: Colors/brands of eyeliner
I: Shades of eyeshadow
N: Shades of blush
G: Shades of lipstick
O: Makeup styles

 Label each item from 1-5. Once that’s done, roll the die to select the color or style for each category. Should you roll a 6, consider that your free choice for the column.

Let me know if you try this out to change up your makeup.

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