MAC Mehr Lipstick Dupe

MAC Mehr Lipstick Dupe
While Mac lipsticks are great they can sometimes come up very pricey so every once in a while when I crave a certain shade I always seek for a dupe because not only is it saving money but it also leaves money aside for more makeup. Today's post I have a dupe for the lovely Mac Mehr which cost less then half price.

Mac Mehr is described as a cool toned pink it is matte in finish and it looks great on pale skin, the dupe I have for it is from NYX in the shade Whipped Caviar. These two lippies are practically identical. They are both matte although the Mac version is slightly creamier but in terms of staying power and application they are both the same. Shade wise I feel that these two are twins. If two people had a shade on each I personally wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
MAC Mehr Lipstick Dupe
Like I mentioned the only difference I can see is that Mac Mehr is slightly less drying than NYX Whipped Cavair but that is literally the only difference. Price wise MAC will set you back €20 while NYX comes in at €7.49 a grand old saving of € that is an offer you can't refuse.  I personally love NYX lip products and so I do highly recommend Whipped Caviar just think of all the money you can be saving.

Let me know if you think these lipsticks look alike and if you have either shade.

Have you got any MAC Lipstick dupes?

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