Mac Studio Moisture Cream Review

Mac Studio Moisture Cream Review

So long story short this was a product I didn't think I would own. I ordered Mac Strobe cream in the travel size but they sent me the Moisture cream and me not realising I opened it and applied it thinking well this ain't giving much sheen and glow and then to realise it was the wrong product nevertheless I thought I tell you what I thought of it.

In fact I was a little excited to try this out when I realised as my skin has been really dry lately and makeup is looking rather cakey so I thought a good moisturiser will do the trick. This product is meant to moisten, firm and protect the skin. Its enriched with skin nourishing extracts such as green tea, spinach, coconut etc so all the good stuff so I expected good results.  I applied it this before my makeup and found that it literally just glided over the top giving a flawless base. I was seriously impressed it really did hydrate my skin without being too greasy or slippery even with my oily/ combination skin. However like all products it has flaws but for me this is a deal breaker flaw and that is it breaks me out big time......sad times.
Mac Studio Moisture Cream Review

After searching online I found the cream itself contains Algae which is probably why I reacted as my skin is super sensitive and the cream itself is seriously heavily scented. However I think if you suffer with dry dehydrated skin and are looking for a moisturiser that will sit well under makeup this is your guy as long as you don't break out easily or have sensitive skin that is.

Not a product that I would use on myself again but defiantly will be using it in my kit as I loved the way it just sunk into the skin without any residue. Impressive stuff! So overall it gets a thumbs up despite breaking me out as I hate to hold that against products as literally everything  is causing acne on my face these days....oh lordy lord.

Have you tried this product? Would it interest you?

Mac Studio Moisture Cream is available from Brown Thomas.


€10 for 30ml
€33.50 for 50 ml

£10 for 30ml
£24.50 for 50ml

$33 for 50ml
$10 for 30ml

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