The Sunday Post #1

The Sunday Post

Well Halloween has come and gone. I swear this year is just flying past it is crazy. How the heck is it November 1st today...mind is blown. Officially only 7 weeks to Christmas and I haven't even started the shopping. Ah well it will be done I suppose.

Lets take it back to Halloween for now. Usually every year I buy the dogs a new costume but this year I totally forgot and so it resorted to me finding old costumes and sprucing them up. So I turned Kenzie's Dracula cape into Harry Potter by making some glasses...he hated it by the way. Maybe he wanted to be Ron? For Dexter's outfit I recycled a costume from 2 years ago and he literally kept the hat on all day it was a miracle. He probably loved the attention. Like pretty much every Halloween I made a cake. This year I went for a super chocolate cake with marshmallows and M&Ms in the middle and then I made some little fondant figures for the top.

Now moving onto the next few weeks. I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been unwell and while I am slowly starting to feel a little better I am getting back into the swing of things. I will be posting as normal starting tomo, I have a dupe post for you all so stay tuned. Other little updates is that on Friday 13th I am flying to Wales to visit my family and of course will be hitting Cardiff so I will try get some shots for the blog. I know what your thinking flying on Friday 13th, I never realised it until I booked I wouldn't say I was superstitious (I'm a little stitious)  but if my flight number is 180 I won't be boarding it believe me.

I think that's pretty much it for life updates and such. In sadder news  my TV broke. My netflix viewing will be effected...I will probably get an email from Netflix asking if I am alive hahaha. I will have to wait to get some spare cash to get that fixed however I will remain positive as I might actually get some work done now I won't be stuck to the TV all day.

Let me know how your Halloween went and what are your plans for November, also have you started Christmas shopping?

Will I make 'The Sunday Post' a thing?

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