Time For A Change

Time For  A Change

So you can probably tell from the title and the photo that I chopped off a lot of hair. Truth be told I went to the hairdressers thinking I would bring it maybe just on my collar bone but nope she went up and then I was left with this length. I will admit I was a little upset however after 3 days of styling it I have grown to like it. Side note excuse the no makeup photos...feeling super lazy today.

They say change is good and it does feel super healthier now. The stylist didn't thin it out for me as she felt it didn't need it but when I washed it myself I felt it look bushy so I did a DIY job with my thinning scissors. I did at first felt I looked like Willie Wonka but I think after I thinned it out it looked better. I have not had my hair this short in a long time but it grows back don't it do I'm not too bothered.
before and after hair
How creepy do I look in the before photo. Serial Killer eyes!
Time For  A Change
 I do plan on doing some posts on how to style shorter hair so if you are interested let me know. I rearly ever wear my hair straight so I cannot wait to throw some loose waves in this style. 

Let me know what you think and tell me the worst hair disaster you have ever had. Mine would be the time I decided to cut a cotton hair braid out of my hair and I literally cut it off not thinking and was left with a little stub at the front of my head. It took weeks to grow and so stuck up, looking back it was hilarious at the time it wasn't. Thank god I was only 9, people probably felt sorry for me, haha.

*Sorry if the photos seem a little off in this photo. I was wearing no makeup so I decided to shoot in a brighter IOS and then it turned out really washed out so I had to play with contrast. 

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