Top 15 Discoveries Of 2015

Top 15 Discoveries Of 2015

So this is the last post of 2015 and it only felt fair that for the last post of the year I would talk about the products and things I have discovered in 2015 that have blown me away or simply made me fall in love with. I have included in this post 10 beauty items and then I had to included 3 TV  shows as you know I am a serious TV addict so lets get cracking.

The Make-Up

Top 15 Discoveries Of 2015

This year I finally found the holy grail mascara and that is Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof version. No mascara holds the curl just like this one. It applies so evenly, lengthens the lashes and keeps them pushed up all day. HOLY GRAIL MATERIAL! This year has also seen some great lip products and I have three that I cannot get enough of. Firstly we have Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil In Pillow Talk, this is actually my second one as I lost my other one but I just adore this pencil, they are creamy, easy to apply and the colour is perfection. Next is Mac Mehr Lipstick I mentioned this a few weeks back and you all know I hate matte lipsticks but this one is an exception. Its the perfect everyday nude pink and it looks so darn good on. Keeping with the pink nude shade is one from Rimmel. These are the new Rimmel Only 1 lipsticks and while I hate the scent the shade Naughty Nude is perfection and you simply must try it.

When I haven't been using my beloved Hourglass Ambient Lightning Bluish in Dim Infusion I have been loving Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop. These blushes are literally the creamiest of blushes I have ever used and the colour pay off is amazing. I have a full review here. What would a makeup up round up be without some eyeshadows, well this year I started to build up my Mac Collection and two that really stood out are Sable which is the most perfect shade for green eyes and Antiqued which again works great with green and brown eyes both colours have had so much love this year and I highly recommend them.

Tools & Other Beauty

Top 15 Discoveries Of 2015

This year has seen some amazing beauty tools and some great nail polishes I had to narrow it done to just 5. First I have to talk about the Beauty Blender. I cannot tell you how much I love this little sponge. It really is a game changer it blends foundation out so effortlessly and gives flawless results every time. If your in second minds about getting it just do it.
Another great tool I have loved is the Sephora  56 Flawless Base Brush, I never thought I would like this but bought it on a whim believing the hype and I have to say it turned out to be pretty darn good. If your after a flawless base this is your guy. Moving onto hair and the Wet Brush has been a life saver this year, while I loved the tangle teezer it just wasn't doing it anymore but the Wet Brush is a million times better. It glides through the hair and its perfect to blow dry your hair with as it has a long handle etc. I haven't been painting my nails the last few weeks but I was addicted the Essie Saltwater Happy this year as its the perfect baby blue. I got a little obsessed with everything blue this year and of course this polish had to be in this list. Finally a scent that has pleased me this year is Paco Rabanne Olympea, I recently treated myself to this after many visits to the perfume counters and countless sprays and thinking I don't really need it I just went and bought it and regret nothing. I am no good at describing scents but next time your out try it, its amazing.

The TV Shows

Top 15 Discoveries Of 2015

I have watched so many great TV shows this year some old favourites include Homeland which was simply incredible this season, Game Of Thrones was amazing as always but I discovered 3 new shows this year that got me addicted, laughing and on the edge of my seat. First up is comedy and its Arrested Development. I just watched this by random on Netflix and instantly got addicted, its an odd show to describe but it tells the story of a very dysfunctional family with some hilarious consequences. With an all star cast it really is worth a watch and anything with Jason Bateman and I am there. 

Next is New Girl, this is a new discovery for me but just 2 months on and I am 3 seasons finished. I love this show and for many reasons one reason is the comedy, the random quotes, the characters and my need for Jess and Nick to be together forever it literally is Chuck and Blair all over again. Schmidt is probably my fave character but to be honest I love them all. You need to watch this.

On a more serious show and that is Lost, I have a question for you, why did it take me so long to watch this? I have to admit this show is amazing. I got through 6 seasons in under 2 months that how addicted I was. I loved everything about Lost, the storyline, the character development and the surprises and the strangeness of it and of course Sawyer. If you haven't seen it yet just go and do it, its ah-mazing! 

So there are my Top 15 discoveries of 2015, it has been a good year for the land of beauty with so many amazing launches I cannot wait to see what is going to come out next year. As this is my last post of 2015 I want to wish you all a Massive Happy Christmas/Holidays and a big thank you to everyone who has supported this blog throughout 2015 its been a great year. 

See you all in the new year and be sure to check out my new food blog there is some Christmas recipes over on there and I will be updating this regularly and it will be very active in 2016. 

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