Beauty Resolutions

Beauty Resolutions

Happy 2016! For today's post I thought I would take to you about some beauty resolutions that I have set for myself. I can never stick to New Year Resolutions so I haven't set many this year but I have decided to set myself a load of beauty goals this year in hope I can finally stick to them...but we shall see. So without furhter a do here are my beauty resolutions.
  1. Get a new skincare regime/ routine and stick to it. My skin is getting beyond out of control the last few months and I'm not sure if its a side effect to new medication but this year I am determined to get my skin looking the best it can. 
  2. Grow my nails! This is literally on my to do list ever year and then comes along a stressful afternoon and I am biting the nails again. I have tried all techniques so if you have any tips do let me know. 
  3. Don't buy unnecessary beauty products. Its the case of one in one out this year. Having so many beauty products is a little pointless and very wasteful so this year if I want something new I have to use something else up or bin something old or donate depending on the state of it. 
  4. Keep on top of my eyebrows. I might be the only person who lets their brows grow out of control. I just hate plucking them and I have never gotten them waxed but I am thinking of getting them threaded but I need to find someone good first. However this year I plan on keeping them trimmed and in a good shape.
  5. Drink more water and keep hydrated. I never drink enough of anything never mind water but I am increasing my water intake and I am hoping it helps with the skin. 
  6. This year I am only allowed to buy 5 nail polishes. It is getting a little ridiculous how many I own and going back to resolution number 2, I don't even have nails so it is a little mental. No more than 5 to be bought this year and no more mint green shades. 
  7. Lastly I am going to keep on top of my beauty posts this year so this blog will be in full swing which I am excited for. 
So there are my beauty resolutions this year, in terms of normal resolutions I have kept it simple to 4 things, save money, go to Italy, reach target weight loss and stick to a gluten free diet. So here is sticking to all these and hopefully next time I post a nail post I can actually show you my own nails haha. 

What are your Resolutions this year? 

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