First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Like most you  probably can't count the number of face cleansers you have tried over the years all claiming to be the next best thing and while some were good some were very bad. Today I have a review of one that I personally adore and I think it might be up a lot of your streets aswell and the best part it's suitable for pretty much all skin types.

The First Aid Beauty Cleanser is a little gem that not only cleans your skin but doesn't harm it with any nasty chemicals or ingredients. Yes this cleanser has it all it cleans the skin, removes (light) makeup and also contains ingredients such as aloe barbadensis that soothes and calms the skin.

I have found after using this cleanser my skin is left soft and feeling squeaky clean without being overwashed so to speak. The scent is minimal with just a soft clean soap scent and I have found this perfect on my oily sensitive skin. In fact this is the only cleanser that keeps my acne at bay, I wouldn't say it has cleared my acne up but if I do break out due to hormones etc, it keeps it under control. The consistency of the cleaner is creamy and makes it the perfect companion for the Clarisonic or any other face cleansing brushes as it does slightly foam up on the face. In terms of a makeup remover, if I am wearing heavy makeup I would need to go in twice with this so I don't often use it for full makeup removing instead I clean with micealler water and then go in with this cleanser. I don't think its amazing for a full face of  (full coverage) makeup removal. If you only wear a light layer of makeup then its perfect. I also have an obsession with double cleansing.

Overall I adore this cleanser and can count on it to help keep my skin under control and make sure my skin is getting thoroughly cleaned everyday. I also find it lasts such a long time which is perfect as running out of your favourite cleanser is the worst. The First Aid Beauty Cleanser is perfect for all skin types even sensitive skin and leaves the skin soft and clean after every use. If you are looking for a simple everyday cleanser that won't irritate the skin but will still do its job as a cleanser then look no further. I cannot recommend it enough.

You can buy the First Aid Cleanser over at Cloud10 Beauty for €19.95

*Cleans the skin without drying it out or leaving it tight.
*Suitable for Senestive Skin
*Keep my acne at bay
*Lasts a long time
*Perfect to use with the Clarisonic 

*Pricey at €20
* Not amazing at removing a full face of  heavy (full coverage) makeup.

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