25 Lessons In 25 Years

25 Lessons In 25 Years

Today I celebrate my 25th Birthday and so for something a little different I thought I would share my 25 life lessons I have come to learn over my years on this earth. Now some of these you may agree with and some are a little personal but I thought it would just be a fun post to do so here goes.

  1. 25 really isn't that old, when you consider how old your grandparents are (sorry nan)  and how long a certain actor has been on the screen, 25 really seems like such a short space of time. So if like me you are dreading your next birthday, don't worry about it. YOUR NOT OLD!
  2. Family is important, growing up I bet you always thought hanging out with the folks was lame/ uncool, but I have no problem in saying my mum is my rock she is my best friend and I love hanging out with my parents. I think as we grow older we learn to appreciate that fact more, Family is everything.
  3. Having a few friends is better than loads of fake friends. As we grow up we lose friends and that's because you tend to learn who your true friends are and that is ok. I would rather have 2 amazing, supportive friends than 50 friends who couldn't care less. Its defiantly quality over quantity. 
  4. In terms of quality we learn to spend money on things more important, good insurance, skincare and even the little things like the best phone tariff (we become a little boring lol) .
  5. On the other side of things if you want it buy it. How many times have you regretted now buying something you have seen? Life is short just buy it! 
  6. Don't let people walk all over you and never be afraid to be a little self absorbed sometimes. If you let someone take you for granted, they will always do it....stand your ground. 
  7. Not everyone is nice and you should never under estimate that. 
  8. Travelling becomes an obsession, I literally want to travel the entire world.
  9. School is not the hardest thing you will do in life. It may seem the be all and end all when it comes to school exams but seriously do not stress just enjoy those days because adult life is 100% harder and it all works out in the end. 
  10. Disney has a lot to answer for. Back in the day we had films like the Lion King and Beauty And The Beast that had some sort of a hidden message and of course their lives had the daily struggles but from 1996 onwards Disney films became a little far fetch and mostly focused on happily ever after...listen up kids life isn't perfect and you won't find price charming if you lose you shoe at a ball. 
  11. Things happen for a reason. 
  12. Don't care what people think about you. 
  13. You can't control everything, and don't stress about the things you cannot control. 
  14. Live in the moment, stop living through a camera lens and just live in that moment, especially  at concerts....pet peeves is people watching the whole concert through a phone,that and people talking through the whole concert.
  15. Step outside your comfort zone every once in a while.
  16. Never give up on your dreams even if they seem impossible. 
  17. Not everyone will like you, that is life. 
  18. Hangovers never get easier no matter how used to drinking you are and 'I'm never drinking again', is a lie. 
  19. Try to be positive its much better than finding fault in everything.
  20. No body is perfect, and if you have an insecurity I can guarantee someone has the same issues. You are never alone. 
  21. Being married with kids by 25 is not always the way it goes. 
  22. Don't Rollerblade if you can't I have learnt that the hard way. 
  23. Don't compare yourselves to other...I am guilty of this and it's the worst thing to do. 
  24. Always carry hand sanitiser, I have seen way too many people not wash their hands after using the toilet...#gross
  25. Life goes by very fast and is in fact very short so live it to the full, do everything you can, follow your dreams and always try to be happy. In the words of Passenger 'Life's for the living so live it,or you're better off dead'

So there it is, my 25 life lessons. Let me know if any of these apply to you and of course some lessons you have learnt over the years, I am off to eat some cake and of course drink some cider....keeping it classy, unless your reading this in the morning, then orange juice. 

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