Birchbox Ireland First Look (February 2016)

Birchbox Ireland First Look (February 2016)

Irish Beauty Junkies, we finally have access to Birchbox! There are many beauty boxes out there and while we can get hold of Glossy Box I felt that box went down hill rather quickly, so when Birchbox announced they were going to be shipping to Ireland I was pretty excited and even more excited when they emailed me asking if I would like to review their February box so I thought I would show you what's in the box and give you a sneak peak of how the box looks itself and all the Irish shipping details etc.

First off one thing I noticed on their site is that prices are in Sterling, which is slightly annoying but what can you do.  Anyway one box costs £10 plus £2.95 shipping so around €16/ €17**. You can get 6 months subscription for £60(€77) and a years sub for £100 (€129). Another featured that Birchbox offer is the products in the box are personalised for you, so lets say they are offering a shampoo sample and know you have curly hair they may include the product for you if that makes sense. Nice little touch. 
Birchbox Ireland First Look (February 2016)
Birchbox Ireland First Look (February 2016)

Onto this months box, you get 6 products in this box one product is a little bonus and each of the boxes this month contains a full size Spectrum Brush which I will talk about in a moment. It also contains some decent sized samples aswell as another full size item which has two colour options. Also in the box is a list of the products with discount codes for the Birchbox shop and a chance to win some diamonds. Now onto the products. 
Birchbox Ireland First Look (February 2016)

  1. L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holder:  a good quality hair tie with no metal piece so it doesn't snag the hair. It feels nice in the hair not much I can say on it to be honest. This is the bonus product this month. RRP £11.50 for a set of 15.
  2. LOC One and Done Shadow Shadow Stick in Perfect Cents: this is a full size product. It's a really nicely pigmented eye pencil that can be sweeped over the lid for an all over colour making it effortless and really long wearing. This product is a BirchBox exclusive. RRP £8
  3. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster: a serum enriched with vitamin c that is meant to boost collagen in the skin helping fine lines and plumpness of the skin. It has a lovely orange scent. RRP £47/ €62.04.
  4. The Balm Frat Boy Blush: quite possible the cutest ever sized blush ever. I own this in full size and it's a really stunner. You will love this blush if you like peach/ coral shades and the formula is amazing. The sample size is great for travel. RRP £15.50/ €19
  5. Ayres Body Butter In Patagonia: another BirchBox exclusive is this body butter, on the thick side and very similar in texture to the body shop body butter. It is meant to be enriched with Vitamin E & Antioxidents. It smells kinda strange and reminds me of a bath bomb from Lush. RRP £19.50
  6. Spectrum Collections Tapered Powder Blush: a vibrant almost rainbow inspired brush is actually really good quality and applies contour and highlight really well. I love the colour and the texture of the brush and need to check out the brand further. This is full sized and in every box this month. RRP £7.99 (cannot find on their website but all the other face brushes are €11.60)

So there are the contents of the this month's box, overall I really like the Spectrum Brush and the Loc Shadow Stick, I haven't really tried the others enough to comment. I already own TheBalm Blush and highly recommend that anyway. I think if I was a customer of this box I would be happy with my contents some as there are some decent sized samples and to get 2 full sizes is great. I think Birchbox will be quite a hit with the Irish Market.

Let me know if you have signed up and are you keen on these monthly beauty boxes? 

*Gifted Pr Item
**Rough Estimate in euro prices for the boxes.

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