MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation Review

MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation
I can't recall the last time I used a powder foundation, when I first started to get acne I wanted a fuller coverage and it's only recently now I am left with just a few scars I have been reaching for some lighter bases and so when I was given the chance to test out the Makeup Forever Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation* I was excited to say the least but what you are probably wondering is, is it any good?
MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation

My Thoughts On MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation:

Now this powder is marketed as a product that you as the user can control the amount of coverage you want, as this foundation powder can be used either wet or dry the finish and coverage is different on both. The wet version gives you a more sheer coverage with a lovely dewy finish and the dry version gives you a fuller coverage with a matte finish. However in terms of coverage this powder is on the light side,  it covers what it needs to and that's that. If you are one who likes to cover all blemishes etc this isn't for you and for someone like me it won't cover your acne scaring that well but that being said I love this powder.

The first reason I really like this product is the texture. This powder has an almost creamy like texture and when it goes on the skin it just leaves it silky smooth. I have uneven skin tone and this powder seems to just smooth all that out effortlessly. Another reason is the ease of use, like I mentioned I haven't used a powder foundation in a long time and just being able to sweep this over the skin and getting it to cover the bare minimal and making my face acceptable to face the public is so impressive.
MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation On Acne
powder on the face with just mascara.
Not only is this powder silky, creamy and easy to use it also lasts a long time. I find this to last pretty much all day with a primer and for a powder foundation I found that to be pretty darn impressive. I have also used this product as a setting powder and it works really well, as it doesn't add too much coverage it won't cake up your foundation but it will help pro long your foundation

I have the shade 113 Neutral Porcelain which seems to be a great colour match for me and the powder itself comes in 25 shades and my shade is the second lightest so if you are paler than me you are in luck.

Would I recommend MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation?

Overall I really like this powder, it covers what it needs to, it stays all day and it leaves the skin really smooth almost like you have placed talc powder over the skin. I love it and recommend it to all powder loving folks. Priced at €35, it is a little pricey for a powder but if you are a fan of powder foundations etc you will love this!

So there is my review of the MUFE PRO FINISH Multi Use Powder Foundation. Have you tried this product? Is powder foundation your thing?

*Gifted PR Item.

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