ABOTANIQ Wrinkle Filler

ABOTANIQ Wrinkle Filler
ABOTANIQ Wrinkle Filler is an excellent addition to the ABOTANIQ foundation lineup. It is a smoothing face cream that instantly smoothes fine lines and improves skin texture by helping to reduce wrinkle volume, depth and surface area over time. This cream is skin-type specific and mainly used for mature skin types.

Just to point out some differences, the Peptide Wrinkle Relaxing Cream, as the name suggests, is a peptide which tricks the skin to think that it has lost its collagen and needs to make more. Skin is mostly made up of collagen which makes younger skin taut and smooth and since older people have less of it, their skin is thin and wrinkled. This cream prevents collagen breakdown for firmer, smoother skin. This is applied only at night.

ABOTANIQ Wrinkle Filler is a repair cream that helps protect the collagen and elastin network from harmful environmental factors that damage the skin. It is an ESP Complex that contains biomimetic peptides that help to protect, firm and revitalises the skin by fighting collateral and elastin degradation. The blend of dermaxyl and nylon silica spheres help to stimulate and repair the cutaneous matrix so as to reduce the number, spread, and depth of wrinkles while maintaining a smooth skin surface. Bio-transformed Rice and white tea extracts contained in the cream help to provide antioxidant protection.
ABOTANIQ Wrinkle Filler

The cream is light in nature and spreads easily into the skin. There are also included a few reparative ingredients such as rosemary leaf oil, jasmine and camellia leaf extract that gives the cream a nice mix. We didn’t experience irritation or sensitization around the eye area from it.

ABOTANIQ Wrinkle Cream is housed in a small tube that is simple and effective to use. I noticed that I only needed to apply some light pressure to it, so as to extract a small amount of cream. A small amount is sufficient and is applied directly onto wrinkles and fine lines. This blends effortlessly into your skin, and you use your fingers to rub gently into the skin. The amazing thing about this cream is that one can use it either during the day or at night and may be used alone or under makeup. I use it all the time! A moisturiser can also be used after the cream application, though it is not necessary. The cream can also be used by both males and females!

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful alternative to the peptide wrinkle relaxing cream as you can use It either during the day or at night and can be used alone or under makeup.

* Reduces appearance of wrinkles over time
* Can be used during the day or at night
* Contains ESP Complex that protects, firms and revitalizes the skin
* Repairs damaged skin
* Contains added anti-oxidant and reparative ingredients
* Fragrance-free
* Light in texture and spreads easily

You can shop the range over on Abotaniq website. 

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