Best Of Netflix Part 3

Netflix Recommendations Part 3
So I am back with another Netflix recommendations post. As you may or may not know I am a tv addict and I am always starting a new series and getting addicted to the next big show. I have already done 2 other netflix recommendations Part 1 & Part 2 can be found on my blog and I also have a all time fave tv show post but today I have part 3 so if your stuck for programmes to watch on netflix I got you covered.

First off my new love and I mean LOVE! and that is 'How To Get Away With Murder', now I started this show with zero expectations in fact whenever I see a trailer it comes across as not that interesting but let me reassure you it is literally the best tv show ever and I mean EVER. The show is basically about 5 law students who start to study defence law and they learn the ropes from Defence Attorney Annalise Keating, something goes down (no spoilers) and it all spirals from there, the show is packed with twists, oh hell no moments and my mind has been blown at least 6 times watching two seasons. So if you like to sit there with your mouth open in shock then this show is for you. 

Next is Scream Tv Series, now I am not the biggest fan of the films, in fact they are almost too corny to watch and while this show has some corniness about it, it is indeed a worth the watch show. It's based on a few high school teenagers who of course start to get killed off but unlike the film its not all phone calls and heavy breathing its more put together and less typical american horror show. It has a few shocks and a good storyline and I feel it deserves more views. If you loved the film franchise you will of course love this and if your a fan of 'I wonder who the killer is' this show is for you. 

Something totally different and that is Better Call Saul, now fans of the amazing Breaking Bad will probably already be watching this show but if not its about a not so put together lawyer and his day to day dodgy lifestyle. It is set 6 years before the show Breaking Bad so its kinda of how he got to be Walter Whites Lawyer. It's hard to explain this show but its 100% worth watching. 

Lastly is Bates Motel, I think Netflix has 3 seasons of this show so far and it is amazing. It is a very dark show so if your not into strange occurrences you wont like this but if you love the film Physco and the likes you need to watch this. It follows the story of a strange troubled young boy who lives with his over protective mum, throw in the fact he is a psychopath and you got yourself a thriller. Love this show it ceases to amaze me. Highly recommend.

Show there are 4 more Netflix recommendations all of these show are available on UK Netflix as I know we are now blocked from viewing American content....sad moment, but hopefully the UK version will up it game but for now there are 4 great shows to keep you busy.

Let me know what you have been loving on Netflix lately and leave some film recommendations in the comments. 

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