Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon Review & Swatches

Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli MelonLancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon

If you haven't already seen the new Lancome Juicy Shakers* then you are in for a treat, the new launch from Lancome is seriously impressive and everyone seems to be going mental for them. Today I am going to give you my two cents on them and let you know if they are worth the hype.

My Thoughts On Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon:

As you can see from the packaging they looks super adorable and very quirky in fact a lot of people will probably be sold on the packaging alone. The whole concept in generally really, you basically shake it up like a cocktail shaker and then apply it to your lips. Pretty neat eh? Well even thou the applicator does  looks hard to use it actually just glides on the lips without any effort, in fact the whole product is very low maintenance. Once on the lips they kinda feel like the YSL Tint In Oil but a lot less oily and a little more lipgloss but without the whole sticky feeling. They wear like a lipgloss but a lot more hydrating and it is probably one reason why I am constantly reaching for it with my forever chapped lips. It does feel really nice on the lips and very comfortable to wear. 

The only down side I would say to these lipgloss/oil is the staying power, like most lipgloss product you don't really expect a great longevity and that is the case here. They do leave a slight stain on the lips that does hang around longer that the gloss itself. That being said it is no hassle to apply as the sponge applicator feels nice on the lips and they are really low maintenance in the fact you don't even need a mirror to apply. Overall I say they last around 1-2 hours and maybe 2-3 hours of a stain. 

I have the shade Meli Melon which is a light pink/ coral shade with a slight shimmer which isn't that evident, it's actually really pretty and great shade for everyday but will also looks really nice in the summertime. 
Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon

Would I recommend Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon?

Priced at €22 they aren't the cheapest out there but I think they are worth the money for the way they feel on the lips and I think if your like me and like that easy to wear lip product you will love these. I have actually swatched a few other shades in store and there is not one shade I don't like and already have my eye on the plum shade. So in a nutshell if you liked Lancome Juicy tubes you will love these as they are a much better formula and if you hate lip gloss like me you will also love these, seriously though these are seriously so lovely to wear and don't feel like a lipgloss at all and they smell amazing, everything you want in a lip product. I highly recommend them.

They feel lovely on the lips
Easy to wear
An Overall Easy Maintenance Lip Product
Smell incredible.

Not overly long wearing

Retail Prices: €22 / £ 18
You can buy Lancome Juicy Shakers over on Debenhams and Boots
*Gifted PR Item

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