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Makeup Favourites
It seems like a while ago since I mentioned some favourites. To be honest I don't do these monthly cause I am a creature of habit and tend to use the same things every week the only thing that I try new is TV shows...sad I know. Today I have a mixture of both beauty and lifestyle to talk about so lets get cracking. 

First off I will start with Beauty, its been a pretty dull few weeks in terms of trying new products, however I have loved 3 makeup items. I will start with my most worn lipstick and that is Mac Peach Blossom, I got this in February and fell in love instantly with it. Its the easiest shade to wear, goes with pretty much any eye look and feels great on the lips. Highly recommend. Also from Mac is their Groundwork paintpot, again discovered in February and have been using it ever since. This was the first time trying a paintpot from Mac and I am super impressed, they last all day, blend out so easily and the shade groundwork is the most least effort shade ever, perfect for the bare minimal look. Lastly is a blush from Bobbi Brown which I bought ages and ages ago and totally forgot about it but after cleaning out my makeup drawers rediscovered my love for it. The blush in the shade Apricot looks seriously bright in the pan but once on the cheek gives you that instant radiant flush of colour, it feels so nice on the skin, has amazing pigmentation and last a good few hours before wearing down...you kinda need this blush. 
Ebay Flowers and Tea Tree Oil
Now in terms of random beauty items I have some tea tree oil that I bought for those pesky spots that just won't come to the surface. I hate the way it smells but you have to admit it is a serious spot blaster. Stings like a Mofo but works a charm. Also non beauty related but next month is a big birthday for my Mum and I plan on doing a naked cake and picked up this flowers on ebay for €1.39 and I love them,super delicate and pretty and a total bargain. 
game of thrones and perfume
Moving onto scent and I have been addicted to Jean Paul Gaultier Classique , my nan got me this for Christmas and I love it, its a strong smelling perfume but it lasts so long and every now and then you get a whiff of it on yourself. If I had to describe it I would say it has notes of Vanilla but also rose so kinda sweet and floral but still musky....I doubt I will get a job on a perfume counter anytime soon with my skills but this one is an oldy and an goldy. Lets talk Game Of Thrones! and the fact it has returned and I am loving it. I am the biggest GOT nerd and so happy it has returned, I won't go into what its all about as your probably already know but if you haven't watched it yet....get on it. 
Peaky Blinders on ipad

Lastly my best discovery of the last few weeks and that is Peaky Blinders. I seriously love love love this show it has everything, amazing stroylines, fantastic acting and the show is so well written. It's mainly a Gangster Drama set in 1920's and its amazing literally so intense and gripping. I won't go into too much detail as I won't spoil anything but you really do need to watch this. I am also now addicted to Cillian Murphy, such a brilliant actor. If I haven't swayed you yet ladies, two words might and that is 'TOM HARDY...need I say more.

So there are my latest favourites, hope you liked this style of post let me know what you are loving lately and be sure to tell me if you watch Peaky Blinders of Game Of Thrones or have tried any of the products I mentioned.

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