Massive Makeup Declutter & Tips

Massive Makeup Declutter & Tips

 So if you follow me on Twitter you will know I have been decluttering my entire life. I have spent the last 2 weeks cleaning everything I own and putting into piles of keep, donate or throw away and last week I did the dreaded makeup collection and beauty stash but I will save that for another post. Today I am going to show you what I own now compared to what I owned about 2 weeks ago. 

First off if you haven't read or seen my makeup storage and collection post you can check it out to see my entire beauty stash and the fact it pretty much filled an entire stack of drawers. I do currently have one drawer full of foundations and face things etc for my makeup kit but what you see on the screen now is my own personal makeup collection. 
Massive Makeup Declutter & Tips
I was ruthless because I felt I had to be. I personally don't wear that much makeup and I am a serious creature of habit so I rarely switch things around which is pretty boring for a makeup artist but If I like something I stay with it so I thought by downgrading my stash It would encourage me to use more of what I have and so far it has been working I even rocked a red lip the other day...I know I am crazy wild lol. Two things for me that was hard to downgrade was lips and eyeshadow palettes both my bae's in life and both very well collected but I managed to get it down to under 9 palettes not including the Urban Decay Vice 3 in my drawer (incase I need to do some crazy looks on clients) and I got my lipstick stash to under 40 which for someone with over 100 lip products that is pretty good.

Everything went into 3 piles. A keep pile, a donate/sell pile and a bin pile. I gotta say the bin pile was rather extensive, so much stuff I had hoarded over the years it was at that moment I knew I had a serious makeup it wasn't clear before. I sold a few things on depop and I donated a lot to family and friends, at least I know those products would be going to better homes. 
Massive Makeup Declutter & Tips
Massive Makeup Declutter & Tips

I do still have my everyday supplies on my dresser in my muji drawers as I find this the best way to easily get ready in the morning but these are just the items that would be in my makeup bag. I do plan on switching these products up thou every 3 weeks just so I can get more wear from other items. Now I have talked about my journey of trying to lead a minimal life and the process of my decluterring I thought I would share some tips. 

Tip 1: Be ruthless, don't do this if you can't you won't end up getting rid of anything. You gotta ask yourself if you have worn it in a while? does it suit you? and does it make you happy? Also gather shades that are similar do you really need 5 shades that all look the same? 

Tip 2: Donate as much as possible, there is nothing worse than seeing unwanted makeup go in the bin instead try to sell some products on Depop or ebay and of course donate to friends and family. Give your beloved makeup a new loving home. 

Tip 3: If you are really struggling, check the sell by date and ask yourself how long have you had it. Smell everything (sounds strange) but see if it smells ok, makeup expires rather quickly so just be cautious. 

Tip 4: Know what your aiming for, like I knew I wanted everything to fit in one drawer so if your task is to get it into a small set of drawers aim for that. Prepare before doing a clear out and it will be  a success.

Tip 5: When it comes to buying more makeup try to invest in products rather than going crazy at the drugstrore. I know we all get sucked in by adverts and bloggers and all but next time your out shopping ask yourself do you really need this item? Will you use it? I know myself I am sticking to a strict beauty one in one out as I don't want to have another collection get out of hand. By everyone is to their own.  

So there you have my massive makeup purge, I got to tell you it feels so good to have all my products in one drawer and be able to see what I have and be able to use it all without going through loads of drawers and searching for something.  Purging might not be for everyone but if you are looking to downsize your makeup hopefully my tips help. 

Let me know if you have recently cleaned out your makeup stash? Was it the best thing you could have done? 

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