5 Skincare Products You Need

5 Skincare Products You Need

So lately I have stepped away from buying makeup after my latest makeup declutter and I have been investing in some skincare items. I am always testing out new products to find the new best thing and these are 5 products that I think you need in your life. I should mention before I start that my skin type is oily combination and the combination part of it is dry and sensitive. Sometimes I wake up and my skin is super oily and other times I wake up and its dry and dead looking, so finding products that work can be a challenge, also I suffer from acne and still have a lot of acne scarring so some of these products are aimed towards eliminating blemishes.
Makeup Cleansers & Removers
First off lets talk cleansers and makeup removers. I am a huge lover of my favourite cleanser from First Aid Beauty however I don't like to use it twice a day as it can dry my skin out so I wanted to get something a little different but also something that would target blemishes and blackheads, enter Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, this cleanser is aimed at deep cleaning the skin and removing all the dirt that gets trapped in your pores. I like to use this in the evening after I have removed my makeup. It does have a slight tingling sensation and an almost menthol cooling effect on the skin however it leaves the skin super soft and really clean feeling. For my makeup removal I have switched up from the Biodoerma Micellar Water and traded it in for a cheaper alternative and thats the Garnier Oil Infused Micellar water, I actually find this one less harsh on the skin and it does just as good of a job removing makeup as the Bioderma. I also like the way it leaves the skin feeling afterwards almost like I've used an expensive facial oil.
5 Skincare Products You Need
Now I love a good face mask just like the next person and the two I have are literally some of my faves at the moment. First is one from L'oreal and its their Glow Mask, this is a clay mask and they offer three options but this glow one is my fave, it not only adds luminosity to the skin but it removes all the dead skin cells on the skin as it has tiny little exfoliating beads in it so when you are removing the mask from your face it gently exfoliates. Its like two products in one. My next mask is one for when you need some moisture brought back into you skin and its the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, you really can't beat a sheet mask and this one is no exception. It leaves the skin so full of moisture and it continues on working for a few days after you have used it and the best part is it is only €2.09. Bargain! Also as a little treat here is a scary picture of me wearing it.
Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask
Stridex Spot Treatment

Lastly when I am trying to treat some blemishes and the overall texture of my skin I always reach for these awesome little pads from Stridex, these are little cotton pads soaked in salicylic acid that help fight spots and prevent more spots from developing. Apparently they are the highest form of spot treatment you can get without a doctors prescription. I only use these 3 days a week as I am afraid of them drying my skin out but so far I have only had positive results from them.They really are amazing and highly recommend them. They are not the easiest thing to get hold of but I get mine off iHerb and they cost less than €10.

So there are 5 skincare products that you need to check out, let me know if you have any recommendations that I should pick up next time I am browsing the skincare aisles also if anyone has a good facial oil recommendation I would love to know.

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