5 Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag Must Haves

5 Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag Must Haves
I have an addiction to Charlotte Tilbury as much as the next person but being a very expensive brand it is good to know stand alone products that are top notch and well worth the hefty price tag. I have picked 5 products that I know you will all love and that I can say are amazing. Just as a side note I haven't tried the Eyeshadow Quads from CT nor have I tried  the Mascaras but everything else I have given a whirl and these are the products that I love the most.
Charlotte Tilbury Face Must Haves

Starting off with face products and by far the best product of 2016 and that is the Blush in First Love, these are the swirl and pop blushes where you are meant to swirl the outside and then pop in the center for a touch of colour, to be honest I just swirl the brush all around and sweep onto my cheeks and the result is amazing. First lets talk formula they are so finely milled that they are a dream to apply, they sit so nicely on the skin and the pigmentation is incredible. The shade First Love is such an easy shade to wear with its peachy, coral brown tones that gives the cheeks a gorgeous flush of colour. I can hands down say this is my all time favourite blush. If coral peachy blushes are not you thing CT does offer other shades so there is something there for everyone. Now onto something that is literally face goals in gold packaging and that is the Film Star Bronze & Glow , if you are on the fence about this I say this, jump over that fence and run and get it because this product is simply phenomenal. The bronzer gives the skin such an alive look and even with my pale skin it doesn't run too muddy but it gives me a glow from within that looks natural and healthy. I go to town with this and it still looks natural. As for the highlight it is a quite obvious highlight if you go over board but with a light hand it really is such a pretty product. I am not a huge highlight person but I even like to apply a little to give me that polished look. Love Love Love this palette. 
Charlotte Tilbury Face Must Haves Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Must Haves
Now let's talk lip products and this is where Charlotte really does shine. First I have to tell you I have tried the Matte formula and The Kissing formula and strangely enough the Matte range come out on top, I am not sure if it is just my lips but the kissing range don't sit on my lips very well and the lipstick I bought in Bitch Perfect never gets worn because of that but the Matte formula are literally the bomb.com. First up is Pillow Talk there is a lip liner and lipstick in the range and both are as equally as fabulous as each other. First the lipliner is the ultimate your lips but on steroids shade and gets so much use everyday for lining the lips (hence my second one I own) I also like to wear under most lip shades as it's such a  lovely formula and lasts all day as for the lipstick....what can I say...I mean what a babe of a lipstick. This is everything you want in a nude lipstick its not too wishy washy, it's not drying but it literally just looks like your lips are polished and super sophisticated. You need this shade! that's all I have to say. Also worth mentioning is the shade Very Victoria they are kinda similar but different enough to justify owning the two....obviously.  Now if you prefer a pop of colour in your lipstick then you need Amazing Grace, this is a vintage rose pink shade inspired by Grace Kelly, need we say more, this is the creamiest matte I have ever tried and it gives the lips a gorgeous pop of colour.
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Must Haves Swatches
5 Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag Must Haves

So there are my 5 CT makeup bag must haves, If you want any reviews of the products let me know and I will do posts of the products on the face if you want so you can see how they look on pale skin etc. Let me know what products from Charlotte Tilbury you love or are dying to try.

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