Scrapbook: New Year Title Page

2017 Title Page For Project Life

I am so pumped to do another year of Project Life this year. I am already feeling so organised and I have made numerous amounts of orders on Scrapbook which by the way is my new obsession,, it is way cheaper than any UK website so highly recommend. So for today's post I thought I would show you my title page. I think I will be showing a few pages on here but if they contain pictures of my Nephew I will be blurring him out just as I don't want to be showing him all over the internet, however  blurring aside here is my 2017 title page.

A little background, this year I went back to a 12x12 album after doing a year of 6x8 and while I did love the 6x8 I just figured with so many events happening this year I knew I would need a bigger album plus my 6x8 album is literally bursting at the seams so going bigger was a must. I am taking a new approach to it aswell this year in the fact I am doing week by week usually I just do a monthly roundup however so far I like the weekly edition. I also cannot decide on a colour scheme so I didn't purchase a core kit but instead I have some little tricks I have been doing. I have also been using the Project Life App a lot this year and even printing off the core kit journalling cards and it's such a great way to save money and it's handy to have such a wide variety of cards in your album. I use Foto Store to print my pictures and the quality is amazing so the cards come out so good. Anyway back to the title page.

2017 PL Layouts

2017 PL Layouts

I have gone with a simple mint & monochrome design for the title page this year and I wanted it to be more typographic than pictures. I have my yearly goals like always with a box beside each so I can tick them off as I do them, lets hope I am more successful than last year....I only ticked one lol.  I also have been cutting up old cards to create new ones, pretty standard scrapbooking but so effective.
2017 Project Life Title Page Layout

After watching a lot of Kelly Purkey videos on youtube I went and ordered some stamps from her and I have to say probably they are one of the best investments I have bought for scrapbook, I am obsessed and it saves constantly buying stickers online plus these stamps are so simple so it will work with pretty much any layout.  I still do like to include some stickers in my layouts and I love these mint green ones, which I bought last year. 
2017 Project Life Title Page Layout

DIY Project Life Journalling Cards
Lastly for this year I am making my own cards every now and then, I seen this on a youtube process video and it is like the simplest idea but so handy and I am having so much fun painting designs. I bought some watercolour paints from Hobbycraft for €7 and just design whatever journal cards that I think will fit the layout I also paint random pieces of card to include on pictures etc I just can't stop painting. You gotta love watercolour? 

So there is my 2017 title page pretty simple but I love how it turned out. Let me know what you think. Also leave me your links below if you have blogged any layouts this year, I am seriously addicted to looking at other people's scrapbooks. I will have everything linked down below if they are still available.

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