Things That Make Me Happy #1

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Long time no post, I think the last time I sat down at this laptop to write a post was back in February. It has been a long time and it has been for many reasons but one main reason and that is I have been busy studying and getting portfolio work done. Little life update I am currently doing a Web Design course and it was a lot harder than I thought so pretty much all my attention has been going into that. I will do a post on all that soon explaining a few things but for now I wanted to do something a little different and talk about some things and events etc that have made me super happy these last few weeks.

Spring: Finally we are experiencing some hotter weather, the mornings are brighter and the evenings are longer and its so much appealing. Granted we don't get super hot days but just even having brighter looking skies is enough. I have also enjoyed seeing the brighter clothes and accessories in the shops it makes me super excited for summer.

Holiday Planning: Taking of summer it is officially time to start planning a summer holiday and this year I am off to Naples, Italy and I am beyond excited. I plan on visiting Sorrento, Positano and The Amalfi Coast. Sunshine, great food and amazing views it sounds too good to be true. 

Birthdays: My Nephew turned 1 this month , he had a little party and I made him a In The Night Garden Cake as he is obsessed with the show, I cannot believe it has been a whole year since he came into our lives, time sure flies. Seeing his little face playing with his new toys was too precious and defiantly the sweeter moments in life.

Watching: I am seriously way too involved with too many shows lately, come night time there is nothing I love to do more than chill and watch a good show, I have been loving Riverdale (guilty pleasure), Girl Boss has become a new fave and praying they do a season 2 and I got way too invested in Homeland. Major tears were shed in the season finale. I also really enjoyed 13 Reasons Why, such a hard programme to watch but I highly recommend it. 

So there was my little positive happy place post. Hope you enjoyed this and if you want to see these on the regular let me know. What has made you happy lately. 

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