November Goals

November is the month I get shit done, October was a slow month, I was sick a lot so that put a lot of things on hold so at the end of October I decided I November was the month everything happens and so here we are, 6 days  in and I am on the road to ticking all the to do boxes....kinda. 

1.Launch My Design Shop: I started the year with one thing in mind and that was to become my own boss and do something I really love, with that I decided to start a graphic and web design business. It has been a lot of months in the works and a lot of late nights with just me and my laptop but this month I am going to launch my shop and I cannot be more excited. So stay tuned for that as on launch day there will be offers and fun things ahead. 

2. Stick To A 100% Gluten Free Diet: So as I mentioned last month I was sick a lot and a lot was self inflicted as I ate food I shouldn't eat and I am not sure if I actually damaged my intestines so much that it was making me physically sick or my intolerance to gluten has got a lot worse. I can't even look at a crumb of gluten now and it makes me sick. I know a lot of people tend to avoid Gluten because they think its healthier but I really see no logic to that, I have had nothing but issues since quitting being diagnosed as Celiac. It's no joke and its so hard, I ate a pringle, just one single pringle last weekend and nearly blew up......first world problems lol. 

3. Blog More: I have been very slack in the blogging world lately and it's mainly due to working on my business but it also has a lot to do with fall out of love with blogging, however since taking the break I have discovered how much I have missed it so I aim to blog regularly this month and keep on top of it all. 

4. Get More Organised: As it is a busy month I need to become a lot more organised and a lot more productive. I have been reading a lot of self motivating books and one I have been loving is A Working Women's Handbook, its so inspiring and great for the kick up the arse. The Bullet Journal system will be in full swing.

5. Plan My Amsterdam Trip & Save: I have this idea of going to Amsterdam for my 27th (25th) birthday and I am not letting go of that idea unless something drastic happens so I am going to put my all into organising it financially and productively. So if you have any tips for the place let me know or link up some blog posts if you have any.

So there are my goals for the month, hopefully I can stick to them and get it done, well it can't be any worse than the fail that October was.  Let me know what you plan on achieving this month and if you have anything excited planned, also on a more serious note who else is excited for Christmas!!!!

*Photo is From Pexels 

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