I am a PR Friendly Blog.


Note: All images on this blog are taken by me (Lauren Marie) unless otherwise stated. I use my own camera to take these photos.

Receiving Products To Review 
Most of the products mentioned on makeupbylaurenmarie.com are bought by myself, with my own money. As a Makeup Artist, I buy a lot of makeup to try out for work or in general. I started a beauty blog, to share my love of makeup and to give 100% honest opinions on products. If I am ever contacted by a company and asked to review a product I will state so in the post. However no company will influence my opinion of the product. I aim to give 100% honest reviews even when a product is sent to me.

All PR products will be marked with a * symbol, however it will be clearly stated in the post. 

Sponsored Posts: 
From time to time you may see a sponsored post and I state in the post it is sponsored. I will however only do a sponsored post if it fits in with the vibe of the blog and I feel its going to benefit you as a reader. If I am ever paid for a post I will state so in the post, however 99% of the time sponsored posts on this blog are more of a  collaboration with a company and not paid for.